Mind This Gap Dream

I planned to write about something else, but I started listening to the Gap Dream album and now everything else sounds pale in comparison right now. Gap Dream is the name Cleveland, Ohio dude Gabriel Fulvimar uses to record, and this album came to fruition when Fulvimar sent the guys at Burger Records one of his songs. They loved it and now it’s on a slab of vinyl.  The album came out earlier this year on Burger’s format of choice, the cassette, but the Fullerton label is now getting around to properly issuing it on vinyl.

It has a druggy psychedelic vibe to it, but it isn’t too stoner-rock. A little Apples in Stereo mixed with a little Spacemen 3. It also has some power-pop flourishes that may or may not be traceable back to another Cleveland band the Raspberries.  Throw in a pretty cover of the Squires Go Ahead and you’ve got a record that  is hard to put down.

Gap Dream play the Comet here in Seattle this Sunday, August 5th.

Stream the entire record over at bandcamp.

Order a copy of the record from Burger.


  1. Kevin · August 2, 2012

    Great description. Another great release from Burger. I saw King Tuff the other night in SacTown…but this has a diffferent sound (if not similar direction).

    • lil smashy · August 31, 2012

      King Tuff and Gap Dream will be doing a few shows together in the Fall.

  2. Edward Rodriguez · August 5, 2012

    great news feel like a kid waiting for the day Gap Dream comes to town only disppointment is the fact I can’t get to all the cali shows

  3. Andy Fenstermaker · August 27, 2012

    This is going to be on my playlist for a long time. Outstanding!

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