White Laces’ New Dark Age

Listening to White Laces first full length Moves, I get the feeling that the band took a step back and and decided to take a slightly different approach. The album isn’t hugely different from their previous singles and EP’s. It just seems like they are intentionally restraining themselves. Forcing themselves to explore new ideas. We already know they conjure storming crescendos in their songs, but how do they do without the payload of a huge crashing chorus?

White Laces still retain their big sound, but bring in some prog elements to make things interesting. I get the feeling that they’ve been listening to Talk Talk and the Sound the way they subtly incorporate synthesizers and guitars on songs like Invocation, Heavy Nights and Parallel Chills. Moves has a darkness about it. It isn’t as desolate as the Sound’s All Fall Down or the Cure‘s Pornography, but it breathes the same air as those records for both good and bad. Depending on your mood it can feel a little claustrophobic at times, but the soaring guitars more often than not pull you through. Carrousel with it’s rolling bass and swarming guitar reminds me of For Against. The epic final song Crawl/Collapse has an obvious brighter feel to it, as White Laces are leaving the light on for you as you emerge from a dark time. Moves is dark, challenging and rewarding and an impressive first album.

You can stream the full record at White Laces’ Soundcloud.

mp3: White Laces – Crawl/Collapse (Moves is available from Speakertree Records)

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