Ballad of Th(re)e Band(s)

Erudite Pop Dude #1: Nobody probably remembers the Brilliant Corners. Surely one of the greatest forgotten bands of the past 30 years.

Erudite Pop Dude #2. Felt was better.

EPD #1. Felt are so mainstream. Go to Tumblr and you can’t click without seeing some old picture of them.

EPD #2. For good reason they were brilliant.

EPD #1. Yeah right. Train above the City is so vital. Felt albums are like a bobbing for apples. Give me the consistent quality of the Brilliant Corners blissfully cloaked melancoly

EPD #1. I wish there was a band or two today that was consistently unpredictable.

EPD #2. Wouldn’t that make them predictable?

EPD #1. Fine, how about a new band that could combine Felt acumen with a Brilliant Corners appreciation?

EPD #2. You mean like Pale Lights?

stream: Pale Lights EP (order the 7-inch from Calico Cat)

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