Andy Human’s Freeze

I kind of miss those days when the British music press would fabricate scenes to get people excited about mostly mediocre bands. Any one remember the New Wave of New Wave? Probably not, since it consisted of bands like Shed Seven, SMASH, Menswear and These Animal Men. I could totally go for one of those good old fashioned fabricated scenes, preferably one with good bands.

Andy Jordan aka Andy Human might be able to create one all by himself. Formerly of the Cuts and Time Flys, he makes records under the Lenz moniker and Andy Human these days. The Lenz EP that came out Tic Tac Totally earlier this year is pretty vital and his second Andy Human album just released on Chromewaves Radio records I am going to go ahead and classify as vital as well.

This is Andy Human album number two. Last year’s Red Plastic album on Burger was only a primer. That album sounded like homemade synth laden demos. I think Jordan was kind of feeling his way around and formulating his Andy Human persona. That persona has now reached maturity, or at least punky adolescence. He still employs synthesizers, but they take a back seat to fast cutting guitars. It’s Nerve’s influenced powerpop and Devo/Ultravox post-punk along with tons of hooks. This record is an adrenalin rush complete with ten great songs, leather tie and a disdain for whatever’s cool. Screw your scene!

mp3: Andy Human – The One (from Freeze – out now on Chromewaves Radio Records)

Stream all of Freeze at at Chromewaves Radio’s Bandcamp.

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