Tea Cozies In EP Shocker

It’s been about three years since the  Tea Cozies’ Hot Probs album. Maybe you thought the Seattle band was dead or at least in purgatory. Maybe they were, but their new five song EP sees them back from the dead, or just plain back with a new EP called Bang Up. The Cozies have a razor sharp eye for a pop hook, and they’ve honed it during their time away. Their former UK pop leanings have been grafted with some Throwing Muses, Blake Babies and Tuscadero.

The two stand-out songs on the EP act as book-endeds. The first song Muchos Dracula is a swirling tempest (resisting urge to say in a teapot here) of a song. Its organ sounds like it was plucked from either a 50’s horror movie or 60’s garage band and is backed by a quality guitar riff and topped off with effortlessly cool vocals. It may have a Halloween themed title, but this is no mere disposable holiday fare. Muchos Dracula transcends blood, garlic, and even stakes through the heart. Bring it out for any party. Guaranteed to get the kids moving.  Final song Silhouette In a Suitcase begins with a church like organ and is a soulful ode to time traveling to see your favorite bands in their prime.  I don’t know about you, but I’m sick of these reunion tours where weight has been gained,  hair has thinned and energy has been sucked. Every rock kid’s dream is not to see a reunion, but to have been there when it  actually happened.

Tea Cozies are happening now. Their EP release show is this Saturday, 27 October at the Columbia City Theater. Also on the bill are Erik Blood, Kithkin and Charms.

mp3: Tea Cozies – Muchos Dracula (from the Bang Up EP) – You can download the song at the Tea Cozies’ Bandcamp.

[audio http://home.comcast.net/~finestkiss4/chansons/TeaCozies-MuchosDracula.mp3]

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