Off My Meds With the Purrs


Man I love the kind of psych that Seattle’s Purrs deal in. Their strung-out deep vein vibes are the good stuff that will break apart any coagulation in your overly tense stressed out body. The problem though is that they’ve been hard to hook up with lately to get a fix of new Purrs songs. It’s been over two years since their last EP. Consequently I’ve been tensing up more, my blood pressure has been rising and I fear there may be some deep vein thrombosis setting in.

Just in time, the Purrs are back with a new 7-inch single that serves as a cocktail for their upcoming album. I already feel the blood flow being helped along by the medicine delivered via this two song single. Rotting on the Vine injects itself quite nicely. It’s a boost of pop with cool vocals and soaring guitars. B-side You, the Medicine and Me is more the slow release kind of med. It trickles into your being like ice in the veins. God, I feel so much better now. Thank you Dr. Purrs!

Order the Purrs new single from Fin Records.

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