Don’t Miss Blooper

Blooper on Manic Pop Records

Seattle’s Blooper are back with a near-perfect slab of white vinyl. It’s out now on the plucky new Minnesota upstart Manic Pop! Records. Four songs that don’t let up off the pedal. The lead track You Won’t Miss Me When I’m Gone is a buzzing blast of Razorcuts, Buzzcocks and Jason Falkner that is as vital sounding as anything that’s ever come out of this city.
The band had their record release party this past weekend at Heartland and blasted through a sugar coated adrenaline fueled (it was all ages) set that included a cover of Beat Happening‘s Teenage Caveman. A killer good time. If you’re in Seattle you can get on the good times because Blooper has some upcoming shows:

Feb 07 at Sunset Tavern with Zebra Hunt and Detective Agency
Feb 21 at Columbia City Theater with Neighbors, Chastity Belt, & Marvelous Good Fortune

Everyone else, grab that new 7-inch!

Blooper at Heartland

stream: Blooper – You Won’t Miss Me (buy it from Manic Pop! Records)

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