Ooga Boogas Doing It for the Kid’s Kids


The first Ooga Boogas album Romance and Adventure was sort of a spray paint by numbers garage rock record. Nothing to prepare you for how good and varied the band’s follow up album would be. Self-titled and brimming with ideas and confidence Melbourne’s Ooga Boogas finally return after a three year stretch of not much activity with album number two. The long wait isn’t surprising considering that guitarist Mikey Young seems to involved at some level with every single great record coming out of Australia at the moment. Perhaps that is an exaggeration, but being in Eddy Current Suppression Ring and Total Control recording tons of other bands and mastering the records of tons more, these days if you flip an Australian record over and look at the credits his name is likely to be there somewhere.

Ooga Boogas have not left their garage roots, but the garage has been remodeled or converted rather. The record walks a line between ECSR and Total Control and sidesteps into Velvet Underground, Tubeway Army, Modern Lovers and the Soft Boys territories. The centerpiece of the record is an eight minute Fall meets Parliament Funkadelic funk work out called Sex In the Chillzone. The album is filled with a varied style and substance.  Oftentimes records like this get disparaged for not sticking to one specific style, but Ooga Boogas benefit from freedom of movement.

stream: Ooga Boogas – Sex In the Chillzone (from Ooga Boogas out on Aarght! Records)

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