Zebra Hunt Go To the Beach

April 9, 2013 at 8:53 pm | Posted in 7 inch, Give Away, Seattle, Singles, Vinyl | 8 Comments
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When you need to get away, what do you do? If you have the means you physically get away. Get in a car and drive, or take plane to somewhere even further. If you don’t, can I recommend a little piece of vinyl that will take you down to the beaches of LA for a virtual spring break?

Zebra Hunt, hailing from Seattle have just released their first 7-inch single via Manic Pop! Records. In its tiny grooves contains the power of escape. The A-side Beaches of LA may have you skeptics thinking oh no not another beach-y surf song, but Zebra Hunt know you’re tired of the regular indie run of the mill and deliver a plaintive sad beauty that muscles in on Shins territory with its shimmering guitars and falsetto chorus. Last year’s killer Half Right makes an appearance on the flip side along with a new Nerves-y rocker Tomorrow. The little is record is packed full of killer pop.

If you don’t even have the means for the 7-inch or just like winning stuff, we’ve teamed up with Zebra Hunt and Manic Pop! Records to give away a copy Zebra Hunt 7-inch. Drop a line in the comments section to put your name in the drawing.  We’ll announce a winner on Saturday, April 13, the same day that Zebra Hunt play their record release party at the Rendezvous here in Seattle along with Posse and Detective Agency.

stream: Zebra Hunt – Beaches EP (Order a copy of the 7-inch from Manic Pop! Records)


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  1. I would definitely love to own a physical copy of this.

  2. add me to the contest list!

  3. Me me me me! Love them!

  4. Yes please.

  5. Hot tone!

  6. awesome, been listening to their songs from bandcamp constantly for months!

  7. Great single. I want two. On to play, one for under my pillow.

  8. We have a winner. I told my kid to pick a number between one and seven and his pick was three. So Daniel you are the lucky one (or three as it is)!

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