Neighbors Love You With a New Song


With each release, Seattle’s Neighbors get better and better. Last year’s John In Babeland grabbed my attention and held it the year long. The band are now readying their next release, an EP prophetically called I Love Neighbors and there’s a lot to love on it. They sort of shed some of their Pavement inspirations and go for a more jangly and noisey sound.

What You See In Me is the rousing scorcher track on it that will singe your hair or possibly cause a cerebral hemorrhageĀ depending on your volume knob setting. It’s a blast like the Wedding Present‘s Brassneck or Boyracer‘s I’ve Got It and It’s Not Worth Having. I would certainly love my neighbors if I heard this blasting out their basement, even if it was at some ungodly hour.

stream: Neighbors – What You See In Me (from I Love Neighbors out in June on Manic Pop! Records)

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