Real Numbers Do a Number

Photo from Real Numbers' Facebook page
Photo from Real Numbers’ Facebook page

Look at the numbers. The numbers don’t lie. My days are numbered. I’m a numbers guy. They did a number on me. Treat me like a number. I’ve got your number. My number is up. My Lucky number. Take a number. I’m not making these numbers up. These are Real Numbers folks!!

More great stuff from Minneapolis. They share a label with the Sleaze and are friends, but where the Sleaze travel in through the gutters of the world, Real Numbers roll through it on scooters. The band have a new record that was released earlier this month on Three Dimension Records. It’s a 12-inch called Only Two Can Play with six short sweet songs that mine untapped veins of Television Personalities, Razorcuts and Art Museums gold. This is jangly, modish and very accomplished pop.

Numbers permeate out lives. Put this record on while you balance the books, count your records or play Yahtzee. The Greek philosopher and professional Yahtzee player Proclus famously said “Wherever there is number, there is beauty.” Mathematician and record geek Philip J. Davis stated “The numbers are a catalyst that can help turn raving madmen into polite humans.”  I don’t know Real Numbers personally, so I like to think that they’re raving madmen who are adept at polite pop beauty. I hope they continue to make more of it.

stream: Real Numbers – Pearls of Pauline (from the Only Two Can Play EP on Three Dimension Records)

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