Messis On the Go


A few of you probably remember the Pop Art Toasters, the one-off project where Martin Phillips and David Kilgour made an EP that showcased the brilliance of the DoversWest Coast Experimental Pop Art Band, the Who and the Squires. Paul Messis is an obvious fan of these bands, but instead of doing covers, he’s creating his own future classics.

Mr. Messis hails from Billingshurst, West Sussex, 2013 but he sounds like he’s from some time-warped 60’s town. Back then guitars jangled more brightly, harmonies mattered and a turntable was in every home. Case Closed is Messis’ s second solo album. He’s also a member of the Higher State, has released a slew of other singles, collaborated with the Sufis as the Market Squares and has a single he released with Jessica Winter. The guy is prolific with his 12 string jangliness, but the quality of Case Closed doesn’t lead you to believe he’s spreading himself too thinly.

Not only does the guy write tons of songs, but he has his own label as well. It’s called Market Square Records. The excellent Market Squares 7-inch was the label’s first release earlier this year and their next release is a 7-inch by Roanoke, Virgina’s Young Sinclairs who are every bit as jangly and Who-loving as Mr. Messis himself.

stream: Paul Messis – Cased Closed (available from Paul’s bandcamp page)




  1. pplist · May 23, 2013

    Excellent music, but dude doesn’t seem that interested in but a handful acquiring his music. Constant refrain at Bandcamp: “NO INDIVIDUAL DOWNLOADS AVAILABLE!!!” Limited-run vinyl available only in pounds sterling. LPs available only in vinyl at Amazon for $34.28, $31.15, (5-10-day shipping or out of stock, etc., etc.). Welcome to the time-warped ’60s indeed. But thanks for the heads-up. Maybe one day he’ll make his product more readily available. (Or maybe he’s just aiming at instant cult status.)

    • Toby · May 23, 2013

      Get Hip in the US has some of his stuff available, but not the new album. Maybe they will soon.

      I’ve noticed a number of records recently not coming with a download. While I respect the artist’s choice to make their music freely available via mp3’s, a little part of me dies whenever I buy a record and it doesn’t have a download card in it.

  2. aj · May 24, 2013

    haha! I’ve been on that balcony, and have run down that street many times.

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