We Use to Get Our Kicks Reading Surfing Magazines

Go Violets come from Brisbane, Australia. They describe themselves as “bunny rock pool pop” and just plain old surf-rock. Their single Josie is perfect in all things bunny rock, pool pop, and surf rock. In fact, in the history of all three of those genres there has not been a song that has been more bunny, pool and surf at once. It’s got great glistening guitars that sparkle off the water and a chorus that that will make you bounce. I’m thinking of starting up an indiepop surf festival somewhere on the Washington coast this summer and my first invites are Go Violets and La Luz. Might invite some guy bands too, but why ruin it? They’re always so he-man-me-local about getting the best waves.

streamGo Violets – Josie (no record label info yet)


  1. brogues · June 2, 2013

    Woah, that’s really enjoyable! Even with a sore head after last night’s Pastels show, I can tell it’s great :) Good stuff.

    cheers, brogues

    • Toby · June 2, 2013

      A sore head from a Pastels show? We’re you in the pit or were they that loud?

  2. Martin Douglas · June 5, 2013

    Honestly though, we really should look into getting an indie-pop surf festival going. That sounds like a tremendous idea and I’m down to help.

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