Finding Fulfillment in Circles


Circles are from Chicago. Their facebook page says they make pop music for educated, upper-middle class, pretentious white people. Maybe they’re marketing themselves to the wrong demographic. They should think about going for the lonely old guys who buy too many records in hopes of finding fulfillment.

I should leave the marketing up to the 40-somethings who use How Soon Is Now to sell cars. If your looking for some new music with good blood lines check out Circles. They are fronted by Srini Radhakrishna of France Has the Bomb and Melisa Elias from Ponys. They dial down the intensity of their former bands a bit and share vocal duties on their debut six song EP.  It presses all the right buttons with lots of guitars, organ and shared vocal duties. The songs are erudite (they made me google Marcus Garvey) and have a 90’s indie feel, a little like Versus from their glam-rock Secret Swingers era. They also do a killer version of Toy Love‘s Photographs of Naked Ladies that surpasses the  original with Elias singing the chorus as an androgynous English robotic making it sound weirder and sexier. Good stuff.

stream: Circles – Are You Watching the Masters? Because the Masters Are Watching You EP

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  1. kritic · July 11, 2013

    Terrible photo.

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