Kisskiss Bangbang


Not much is known about Kisskiss Karate Passion. On humid summer nights on a certain street corner in Bordeaux town, if you look up from the sidewalk you might notice a man sitting on a windowsill wearing a wife-beater and smoking cigarettes through a cat mask. Some notice and continue walking, but you being a sucker for French honky-tonk are mesmerized by the songs wafting from the open window.

They sound kind of punk, kind of folk, and seem able to kick up a pile of dust. Where did this masked fellow find this amazing record? He must have been down South. South being Spain or Italy. Did he get it on some beach where the Ramones and Beat Happening played on some dream bill long ago? Or was it just last week when the Beets and Love Boat rumbled somewhere?

Albums like this materialize from the steam coming up from the streets in far off places every now and then. They are rare, so you decide to ring the buzzer and hope this guy isn’t a psychopath.

stream: Kisskiss Karate Passion – Long Hair BB (from the album I Can’t out on Les Disques Steak)

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