So You Want To Be a Rock n’ Roll Star


Remember when the Church consistently pumped out great record after great record in the early 80’s and got little to no acclaim? Then Under the Milky Way came out and suddenly everyone was like, “The Church!”

Roanoke, Virgina’s the Young Sinclairs continue to pump out the paisley in 2013. You Know Where to Find Me is their fourth 7-inch single this year and there is no let-down in quality found here.  One of these days they’re going to release their Under the Milky way and everyone is going to be all, “The Young Sinclairs!” The songs are there, but they don’t tour much and they’re from the backwater or Roanoke so consequently not very many people hear about them.

You Know Where To Find Me is a near perfect four song single from the band. Records like these seem to roll off their backs like water from a duck, and by my count they’ve got at least three Under the Milky Ways already.  I think that if they decided to really start to tour extensively people might start to take notice of this Roanoke band hiding out underneath the stars in Virginia.

A a small tour of the East Coast is in the works for fall 2013, here are the dates. No Seattle date yet. Bummer.

Sep 13 – Bazaar Consignments, Roanoke, VA
Sep 20 – The Well, Richmond, VA
Sep 21 – Kung Fu Necktie, Philadelphia, PA
Sep 22 – Cake Shop, New York, NY

stream: The Young Sinclairs – You Know Where To Find Me (you can buy the single from Darla)

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