wildhoney Does the cover to Wildhoney‘s debut 7-inch single look like something that could have come out on Slumberland Records back in the late 80’s or what? The crazy thing is, it sounds like it too. This Baltimore dreampop/shoegaze rookies sound like veterans dishing out three noisy gems. The record is out now on the brand new Seattle label Nostalgium Directive. If you missed the chance to make your ears bleed when those Lilys, Swirlies, and Black Tamborine singles first came out, then this your chance to get in the ground floor of some essential noisy pop.

stream: Wildhoney – Like Me (out on Nostalgium Directive)


  1. Ben · September 8, 2013

    This is really good. I’ve broken the bank in the last 7 days with international postage; hopefully my bank account will recover soon and I’ll buy one.

    • Toby · September 8, 2013

      I feel you pain, though I know USPS overseas shipping is more absurd than UK overseas, but some labels seem to either not care about our plight or are really trying gouge us. Why is it $15 to ship a 12″ from one label and only $8 from another?

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