Legal In Two States, But Not In Canada


At first I thought Weed were grunge. Maybe I thought it because they’re from the Pacific Northwest, Vancouver, BC to be precise, and their guitars rain torrents down on you. Their singer can also let loose with a monster scream, but also sound like he really means it…but not too much. You know, the cool kind of caring, emphatic but disaffected.

Then I thought better about the grunge thing, not knowing if they owned flannels or could grow facial hair in large amounts and they looked too young to have lived through the 90’s or if they did they don’t remember it. Yes on second thought,  Weed aren’t really grunge, they’re more noisy slacker rock with a bit of 90’s shoegaze. like Dino Jr and Swervedriver with a little bit of Sugar. Who knows, if they existed back in the day they may have been offered a huge major label deal because they kinda sound grunge, and many bands were signed for lesser reasons.

As it is in these times, nobody signs to major labels especially a bunch of noisy popsters scraping the sky and tunneling the depths of rock with a great record like this.

You can stream Weed’s debut album Deserve in its entirety at the band’s bandcamp page.

stream: Weed – Gun Shy (from Deserve out on Couple Skate Records)

Catch Weed live on the West Coast.

NOV 7 – Vancouver BC: Em Carr Parking w/ Cindy Lee, Kiss Painting
NOV 8 – Seattle WA: Heartland w/ Vats, Thee Samedi
NOV 9 – Portland OR: Recess Gallery w/ Hausu
NOV 10 – Eugene OR: Bonaroo Tattoo w/ Martian Manhunter
NOV 11 – San Francisco CA: Vacation w/ Permanent Collection
NOV 12 – Los Angeles CA: Almost Holden Gallery w/ Gangrene Gang, Mutant City
NOV 13 – Temecula CA: The Dial w/ Crisis Arm, Underpass
NOV 14 – Tuscon AZ: Topaz w/ Prom Body
NOV 15 – Las Vegas NV: Hellpop!
NOV 16 – Stockton CA: D Thrift Store w/ Surf Club, Monster Treasure, Satan Wriders
NOV 17 – Olympia WA: Old School Pizzeria w/ Naomi Punk, Broken Water, Vexx

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