Be a Male


Power pop ain’t exactly a path to riches and fame. There are hundreds of powerpop bands littering the footnotes of rock history. So when I hear a band described as powerepop I fear for their future. So for their sake let’s not call Males powerpop. How about helium powered pop?

Males being a band of males from Dunedin, New Zealand. Because of this mere fact you might be expecting me to be spouting off comparisons to a myriad of Flying Nun bands, but you would be wrong, at least in this case. Their hyper active pop songs remind me more of the Wannadies, Blow Pops, Tommy Keene and a little bit of Let’s Active. Based on that kind of lineage it’s fairly obvious that pop hooks come at you a quick pace and they don’t let up.  Their nine song record is packed full of  two minute pop candies that fly by so fast that you barely have time to go through addiction or the subsequent withdrawal. My main complaint is that it’s over too fast. Maybe one more verse on a couple songs would help it stick to your ribs better. As it is, I keep it on repeat and listen to it twice instead of once to get a longer lasting effect. 

Fishrider Records also of Dunedin, who you may remember put out the excellent Prophet Hens record earlier this year, have just released the record on CD, vinyl and digital. You could call it an album if this your introduction to them. Other trainspotters will note that it actually compiles a previous EP, a single that never came out on Manic Pop and fresh set of songs not heard before. In any case the nine songs are now available in one convenient package. Now if I could just figure out what the singer is singing on the chorus of So High. It sounds like “I’ve been getting academic ulcers.” If that is the case, it’s perfect study music for those all-nighters.

stream: Males – So High (from Run Run Run​/​MalesMalesMales on Fishrider Records)


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  2. Corey Lennox · November 18, 2013

    Yeah, the singer’s not nearly nasal enough for this to be power-pop (and yes, that’s a good thing, haha)

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