Swervedriver Scawl and Scream Again


Swervedriver got back together five years ago for touring purposes but like many bands that reform they toured on the strength of their heyday not releasing anything new for the occasion. Now five years on from their reunion they have just released their first new song in 15 years. The obvious question about these sorts of things is always  should they have bothered?

Yes. A first glance at the cover and you notice that it slightly reminds you of the covers of their early EP’s like Son Of Mustang Ford and Sandblasted. So they obviously haven’t lost their knack for choosing an eye-catching cover.  The song Deep Wound seems to pick up where one of their best singles Last Day On Earth left off. The lazy scrawl and scream of the signature Swervedriver guitars are certainly there and Adam Franklin’s singing sounds like he hasn’t aged a day since Ejector Seat Reservation came out back in 1995.

Dub Wound the second track on the virtual single is a spacier and yes a dub version of Deep Wound.  Just as good as the guitar version I think, but you don’t have to decide because they come together.

This apparently isn’t akin to the Pixies one off Bam Thwok, Swervedriver say, according to their facebook page, that they plan to release an album sometime in 2014. Welcome back again guys.

stream: Swervedriver – Deep Wound

One comment

  1. Corey Lennox · December 9, 2013

    Where do you find these bands? Cool song.

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