Get Comfortable with Math and Physics Club

Tae Won Yu's Cover for Math and Physics Club

Math and Physics Club have just released their third album on Matinee records. Recorded in the Dub Narcotic studio in the heart of (K)Olympia, Our Hearts Beat Out Loud sees the Seattle-Olympia band incorporating a more varied set of influences while still adhering to their sweet and tender indiepop aesthetic.  The band seems to have gotten their feet back under them after something of a lackluster sophomore album. It’s not that their rocking out now, to be sure Math and Physics Club have one speed – slow and easy.

Slow and easy and maybe a little subversive. Many famous crooners had dark sides to their lily-white public personalities and singer Charles Bert with his sweet tenor sings about getting drunk on cherry wine,  Ok maybe he doesn’t have a dark side like Bing Crosby, but hey, he’s singing about getting drunk.

The band paint the ten songs on this album using various brushstrokes. The album’s first song We Won’t Keep Secrets features a wonderful guitar lead that sounds like it was lifted straight from Paul Simon‘s Graceland. Though its title evokes the Smiths, I Know It’s Over starts off with a blast of harmonica that immediately brings to mind the Housemartins. The wonderful country-tinged story song Thank God I Met You is good enough to have been on Billy Bragg‘s Don’t Try This at Home. The most upbeat song on the record Long Drag was rightfully released as a 7-inch single earlier in the year. With its hand claps and spitefully delivered lyrics, it is the standout song on the album. The band even employ an anthemic quality to That’s What Love Is. In another band’s hands it might become U2-esque, but Math and Physics Club keep it in the armchair. Math and Physic club continue to deftly operate in their understated, slow and easy way and in Our Hearts Beat Out Loud have made a comfortable record with a few subtle surprises.

stream: Math and Physics Club – That’s What Love Is (from their third album Our Hearts Beat Out Loud)

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