Everything’s Gone Red (and Blue)

This new Ceremony record has been hitting a sweet spot somewhere between Weekend, House of Love, Cure Christian Death and Chameleons. It came out at the very tail end of last year, so too late to make my favorite albums list, but you can’t hear it all in time. Ceremony are essentially a one man band based in Fredericksburg, Virginia. It is highly stylized stuff, from the album cover with its striped shirt sunglasses girl to the apocalyptic guitars and vocals. M.C. John Fedowitz has a voice that is slightly monotone, but it adds to the disconnected and lonely feeling his songs have.

Distance is their third album and the first to feature a human drummer instead of a computer and that human touch makes a huge difference. The songs have a Blade Runner feel to them already, but human drums make any replicant tampering undetectable as the guitars buzzsaw to your head and Fedowitz sounds as serious as a heart attack. Dark days are here. Now where are the flying cars?

stream and buy: Ceremony – Distance

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