Crates Full of the People’s Temple

“That moment when you’re listening to an LP and you think, This is cool and all, but I’ve got crates FULL of stuff like this” said Mick Collins of the Dirtbombs earlier this week. I’m guessing many of you have this same problem. I know I do. Maybe I’m becoming jaded or maybe I’ve just met my lifetime quota for certain genres of music. I love lo-fi garage rock, but I really do have crates full of it, so it’s gotta be pretty good for me to really like it.

I’ve got the first two albums from Lansing, Michigan’s the People’s Temple in my crates and their third album Musical Garden recently released on Hozac is their best one yet. Arguably these temple lads aren’t doing garage rock per se. The heavy riffs could cause some to recall Led Zepplin or Black Sabbath. Their bluesy bravado may bring to mind the Rolling Stones.  They’ve got a mystic quality like Van Morrison, while their compact intense songs have a punk inspired brevity. Musical Garden rolls all of it into one exceptional record. The People’s Temple have over the course of three albums set the bar even higher for all other garage rock inspired bands to get into my crates. Good luck everybody else.

stream: The People’s Temple – Male Secretary (from Musical Garden out on Hozac)

If you’re on the east coast you can catch them on tour right now.

Fri 5/2 – Atlanta, GA – 529
Sat 5/3 – Mobile, AL – Alabama Music Box
Sun 5/4 – off day
Mon 5/5 – St. Augustine, FL – Nobby’s
Tues 5/6 – Jacksonville, FL- Shantytown Pub
Wed 5/7 – Orlando, FL- Wills Pub
Thurs 5/8 – working on DIY Gainesville show
Fri 5/9 – Tampa, FL – Tropical Heatwave Fest (New World Pub)
Sat 5/10 – Miami, FL – Churchill’s Pub
Sun 5/11 – Savannah, GA – Congress St. Social Club
Mon 5/12 – Raleigh, NC – Slim’s
Tues 5/13 – Asheville,NC – Mothlight
Wed 5/14 – Boone, NC – Boone Saloon
Thurs 5/15 -Columbus, OH- Double Happiness
Fri 5/16 – Lakewood, OH – Mahall’s –
Sat 5/17 – Lansing, MI – East Lansing Art Festival

One comment

  1. e6gMan · May 10, 2014

    Nice article on People’s Temple. Hadn’t heard the new one.
    Have you heard this guy?

    Can’t stop playing him.
    Keep up the good work…

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