Endless Bummer


If you are one to judge a record by its sleeve, the grey beach photo of Blooper‘s new So Very Small EP might give you the idea that this is downer surf pop. That’s not far off. Think Jack Nitzsche‘s the Lonely Surfer, a little Hoodoo Gurus and some Smithereens. This is a downer surf pop record made under the grey skies of Seattle.

The EP kicks off with the fretful Go Outside that reminds me of the Smithereens Blood and Roses. Track number two Tinted Windows pumps up the adrenaline quite a bit and is a chip off the same block from which last years You Won’t Miss Me came. Bummer, the third track, sees Blooper in full on Link Wray mode. It’s got tons of reverb and twang, is loads of fun and no surf mix tape should be without this classic sounding instrumental. The final song Coming Home buzzes and crackles with British Invasion vibes and West Coast sun rays, effortlessly blending anxiety and repose. 

So Very Small may not blast into your pleasure center as quickly as Blooper’s first couple singles, but it shows a new more complex face of the band and I think it might be their best one yet.

stream: Blooper – So Very Small (You can buy the download them this link too, or buy the CD from Jigsaw Records)

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