Welcome to the Rainy Season: basementcast #22


I always wondered what you do with one of those giant pumpkins. I think people wonder the same thing about vinyl records today. What do you actually do with those cylinders of petrol? After I’ve listened to them a few times I’ve found they make great dinnerware, especially the fancy colored ones. This fellow has given me an idea though. Next, I think I’m gonna save some up and try and make a vinyl boat out of them to make it through Seattle’s rainy season. Need a little something to ease you into the wetter fall weather? Here is the new basementcast. It doesn’t float and won’t keep you dry, but it does sound pretty good.

Moose – Theme From “Ace Conroy” (Hut)
Cruising – You Made Me Do That (Tough Love)
Helen – Covered In Shade (Kranky)
The Shangri-Las Leader Of The Pack (RPM)
Billy Green – Stone In A Trip (Finders Keepers)

The Suburban Homes – Conformity In The U.K. (Total Punk)
Ras G & The Afrikan Space Program – Uno Riddim (Insect)
Buck Biloxi and The Fucks – I’m Not A Whiner (HoZac)

Childbirth – Siri, Open Tinder (Suicide Squeeze)
Zaleha Hamid & The Black Cats – Nelayan Bersampan (Sublime Frequencies)
Cold Beat – Am I Dust (Crime on the Moon)

Sleuth – The Honey Is In The Hive (Jigsaw/Kingfisher Bluez)
The Chills – Warm Waveform (Fire)

The Smoking Trees – Victoria’s Garden (Ample Play)
July – My Clown (Rev-Ola)
Mild High Club – Rollercoaster Baby (Circle Star/Stones Throw)
Hooton Tennis Club – Kathleen Sat On The Arm Of Her Favourite Chair (Heavenly)

Expert Alterations – You Can’t Always Be Liked (Kanine)
Woolen Men – Life In Hell (Kanine)
Places To Hide – B. Murphy (Irrelevant)

Clap! Clap! – (L) Liberty (Black Acre)
The Intelligence – Vintage Future (In the Red)
The Shortwave Set – Slingshot (Independiente)
Pugwash – Clouds (Omnivore)

One comment

  1. SoundBitesNYC · October 16, 2015

    when i first heard “P.O.W.E.R.F.U.L P.I.E.R.R.E” i thought this would be a song we’d sing along loudly to at parties, pointed finger aloft.

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