Kate Jackson Behind the Wheel Again

photo by David Emery

It’s been nearly eight years since Kate Jackson‘s former band Long Blondes broke up. After the breakup she started working on a new album with former Suede guitarist Bernard Butler. Kate then went off to Rome to focus on painting, leaving the Butler collaboration in a vault or on a hard drive collecting dust. At some point, encouraged by her pals she realized that she should finish the album that she had started with Butler.

It’s hard to believe that she’s been hiding these songs away for so long. Most artists would want to share songs as amazing and immediate as Metropolis, Stranded, Wonder Feeling and 16 Years. Some of them have elements of the hard crushing Long Blondes, while other are have a glamorous and cinematic feel to them. You can certainly hear Butler’s deft touches on many songs (especially love his guitar solo on 16 years).

Kate is self-releasing British Road Movies on her record label Hoo Ha Records (nice Scent of a Woman reference). It seems to have received a fair amount of press in the UK, but I haven’t heard many folks over here in the US talking about it. They should because it’s as good as anything she’s done prior.

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