Whyte Horses


Last December Did Not Chart wrote about Whyte Horses, the Manchester collective lead by Dom Thomas self-released their LP to much underground fanfare and quickly sold out of its 300 copies. It was such a tease, great album too bad they’re all gone. Fast forward to present day and sometimes patience instead of bidding on ebay pays off. The album Pop or Not has been reissued and is now in much wider circulation. How wide? I picked up a copy at my local record store here in Seattle.

Whyte Horses count as contributors to their wonderful 60’s psychedelic ecstasy Jez Williams of Doves, Jim Noir , Chris Geddes of Belle & Sebastian and  Ian Parton of The Go! Team. Some songs buzz like the Mary Chain or Stone Roses while others sound like Broadcast or Adventures in Stereo or Jacques Dutronc while some songs are spacey instrumentals influenced by Os Mutantes and Peter Thomas. The group seem to have an uncanny ability to merge a wide range of influences into a cohesive sound that continues to satisfy time after time. There are too many great ones here to single out only one or two and each time I listen to the record a new favorite emerges. Definitely one of this year’s (and last) best!

One comment

  1. Andy · July 13, 2016

    This… is an utterly amazing record. Every track brings something different, each better than the previous. Thx!

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