Tired of Talking: Basementcast #23

Screen shot from Tunnel Talk's http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EMIorr7DJ7cI suppose you could call this a basementcast without talking. Some might just call it a mix. Going with liner notes instead keeps it short, to the point and provides something to read while you listen. Whatever it is, I hope it’s not boring.

1. Shinkansen No.1  by CC Dust – Olympia’s Mary Jane Dunphe takes a detour from her punk band Vexx and dons the persona of CC Dust that keeps the DIY feel but deals in the post punk synth sound of the 80’s to chilling effect.

2. Redondo Beach by Patti Smith – I doubt I could add anything that’s not already been written about Patti Smith, so I’ll keep it short and just say this is comes from her debut album Horses and was later covered my Morrissey which is ironic considering Morrissey once said reggae was vile.

3. Reco’s Torpedo by Joe’s All Stars – This song was Recorded in 1969 and featuring an excellent trombone lead by Emmanual Rodriquez which is also where this track gets it’s name. Rodriquez died last year at the age of 80.

4. Queen of the Minstrels by The Eternals – The first time I heard this song was the dub version (The Immortal Dub) done by King Tubby. The next time I heard it was the Eternals’ original version featuring Cornell Campbell’s soulful falsetto.

5. Out This Way by Erik Blood featuring OC Notes – The final song on Erik Blood’s latest solo album takes his up to this point shoegaze pop sensibilities into a totally different direction combining Dead Can Dance with A.R. Kane and making the arguent that he should be making records for 4AD.

6. Shadow Kissing by Hollie Cook – Hollie Cook’s first album came out five years ago, but still is breath of fresh air and regular makes appearances on my turntable to brighten the gray days.

7. EarthEE by THEESatisfaction – The duo called it quits earlier this year after making two albums for Sub Pop. You can hear half of the duo Stasia Irons every Sunday hosting KEXP’s Street Sounds.

8. Skinhead Moonstomp by Symarip – This is cover of Derrick Morgan’s Moon Hop done by this UK group. Morgan’s is more chill while this takes the original and infuses it with a punk feel before punk was even a thing.

9. Tip To Tail by Tyvek – It 2016 and punk is still a thing and nobody does it better than Detroit’s Tyvek who employ influences like Wire and the Swell Maps and the current day landscape of their city to make excitingly hot records like this new one.

10. Don’t Turn Me Away by Rexy – This slightly left field record from 1981 was reissued this year and sounds like it could have come out this year. The duo surely have fans in the Blow, Ariel Pink and Metronomy

11. Morti Sta Bidjàcu by José Casimiro – One label I have no problem buying a record from having not heard a song from it is the reissue label Analog Africa. When I saw Space Echo – The Mystery Behind the Cosmic Sound of Cabo Verde Finally Revealed! in the new bin at my local shop I snatched it up.

12. Wristband by Paul Simon – The man’s voice just doesn’t seem to age. Apparently Simon’s son turned him on to Clap! Clap! and Simon dug it and then asked him to provide some beats for his new record, one of which is featured on this track.

13. Us Amazonians by Kirsty MacColl – Tropical Brainstorm was the last record Kirsty MacColl recorded before her untimely death in 2000. She never made a bad record, but for my money this one was her best. It has wit and songs in spades. As fun as the record sounds I still get sad listening to it.

14. Morning Light by Woods – I had been suffering from Woods fatigue, but I’m back in their camp after the genre stretching featured on their new one from this year, City Sun Eater In The River Of Light.

15. Judge Dread by Prince Buster – Prince Buster passed a away in September. You would be amazed how many of your favorite UK ska songs by Madness, the Specials & the English Beat were actually Prince Buster covers. He had a lasting influence on many and his songs sound as hot today as they did 50 years ago.

16. Police On My Back by The Equals – If you grew up on MTV in the 80’s like I did then you likely remember Electric Avenue by Eddy Grant. As a kid after hearing the Clash’s version of Police On My Back, I could never figure out why I couldn’t find the Eddy Grant album with the original version. Later I learned about the Grant’s former band the Equals and their small clutch of hits like Baby Come Back and Black Skin Blue Eyed Boys.

17. Launderette by Vivien Goldman – Vivien Goldman only recorded a handful of solo songs. Her main gig was writing for UK music periodicals like NME, Melody Maker and Sounds. Her solo recordings were reissued this year on Staubgold. Her songs infusing punk, dub and art school sensibilities still sound vital.

18. One Too Many by Exploded View – Anika teamed up with Geoff Barrow of Portishead and BEAK> to stark results six years ago. Now the former journalist has a new band, though her haunting voice backed by icy austerity are similar to her self-titled LP. This could be considered her sophomore effort.

19. A Lake by Lawrence Arabia – Jason Milne is still making records as Lawrence Arabia and this one may get a wider audience since he’s now on Flying Nun and it’s his most consistent yet. If you have a a hankering for Harry Nillson highly stylized pop then this will do nicely.

20. We Need Love by Johnny Osbourne – Jamaican born Johnny Osborne migrated to Toronto and then back to Jamaica and his vocal on this record definitely has a northern soul feel to it.

Welcome to the Rainy Season: basementcast #22


I always wondered what you do with one of those giant pumpkins. I think people wonder the same thing about vinyl records today. What do you actually do with those cylinders of petrol? After I’ve listened to them a few times I’ve found they make great dinnerware, especially the fancy colored ones. This fellow has given me an idea though. Next, I think I’m gonna save some up and try and make a vinyl boat out of them to make it through Seattle’s rainy season. Need a little something to ease you into the wetter fall weather? Here is the new basementcast. It doesn’t float and won’t keep you dry, but it does sound pretty good.

Moose – Theme From “Ace Conroy” (Hut)
Cruising – You Made Me Do That (Tough Love)
Helen – Covered In Shade (Kranky)
The Shangri-Las Leader Of The Pack (RPM)
Billy Green – Stone In A Trip (Finders Keepers)

The Suburban Homes – Conformity In The U.K. (Total Punk)
Ras G & The Afrikan Space Program – Uno Riddim (Insect)
Buck Biloxi and The Fucks – I’m Not A Whiner (HoZac)

Childbirth – Siri, Open Tinder (Suicide Squeeze)
Zaleha Hamid & The Black Cats – Nelayan Bersampan (Sublime Frequencies)
Cold Beat – Am I Dust (Crime on the Moon)

Sleuth – The Honey Is In The Hive (Jigsaw/Kingfisher Bluez)
The Chills – Warm Waveform (Fire)

The Smoking Trees – Victoria’s Garden (Ample Play)
July – My Clown (Rev-Ola)
Mild High Club – Rollercoaster Baby (Circle Star/Stones Throw)
Hooton Tennis Club – Kathleen Sat On The Arm Of Her Favourite Chair (Heavenly)

Expert Alterations – You Can’t Always Be Liked (Kanine)
Woolen Men – Life In Hell (Kanine)
Places To Hide – B. Murphy (Irrelevant)

Clap! Clap! – (L) Liberty (Black Acre)
The Intelligence – Vintage Future (In the Red)
The Shortwave Set – Slingshot (Independiente)
Pugwash – Clouds (Omnivore)

Look, It’s Still Breathing: basementcast #21



Coming back from the dead is easy. Staying alive after you’ve come back from the dead, now that’s the trick! So far, even after a huge 21st celebration the basementcast is still alive, and it doesn’t even need an ICU. So hook yourself up to a heart monitor and press play and see which of these 24 tracks makes your heart flutter the most.

Butterglory – Waiting on the Guns (Merge)
Omi Palone – Void (Faux Discx)
Sauna Youth – Try to Leave (Upset the Rhythm)

Thelma Jones – The House That Jack Built (Ace)
Leon Bridges – Smooth Sailin’ (Columbia)
The Impressions – They Don’t Know (Curtom)

Vision Fortune – Cleanliness (All Tomorrow’s Parties)
Tauchsieder – Herd The Shadows (Castles in Space)
Outfit – New Air (Memphis Industries)
THEESatisfaction – Planet For Sale (Sub Pop)

Flesh World – Strawberry Bomber (Iron Lung)
Downtown Boys – Monstro (Don Giovanni)
Joanna Gruesome – Jerome (Liar) (Slumberland)

No Ditching – Song for Shelley (Art For Blind)
The Ventures – Walk, Don’t Run ’64 (Rhino)
Girl One And The Grease Guns – The Shatterproof Man (Squirrel Records)

Listen Lady – Rain it Down (Self-released)
Mammoth Penguins – When I Was Your Age (Fortuna Pop)

Wildhoney – Owe You Nothing (Deranged / Forward)
Death and Vanilla – California Owls (Fire)
Del Shannon – It’s My Feeling (EMI)

Robert Forster – Let Me Imagine You (Tapete)
The Cathys – Rebble (Self-Released)
Redspencer – Ride It Out (Deaf Ambitions)

Back From the Dead: basementcast #20


At some point the basementcast got put on a shelf in a dark corner of the basement. It wasn’t a conscious decision to stop doing them, but it was a conscious one to start it back up. So for good or bad the basement cast has been reborn, salvaged, reawakened,and hopefully rediscovered. Like the ones of old, this one has new stuff, old stuff, odd stuff, and local stuff interspersed with me yapping. Give it a go, there may be something you like on it, and if not there’s always the fast forward button.

Frankie & The Witch Fingers – Diamonds (Permanent)
Lime Crush – Graveyard (Fettikakau)
Courtney Barnett – Elevator Operator (Mom+Pop)

Barringtone – Feverhead (Onomatopia)
Finnmark! – Transpennine Express (Beko)
Unlikely Friends – Wear a Halo (Jigsaw)

A Frames – Calculator (S-S)
Cult Hero – I Dig You (Elektra)
Contrast – Sidewalk (Moontown)

Lower Dens – Société Anonyme (Ribbon)
Thee Oh Sees – Poor Queen (Castle Face)
Buck Owens – Who’s Gonna Mow Your Grass (Rhino)
Arthur & Yu – There Are Too Many Birds (Hardly Art)

Nic Hessler – Do You Ever? (Captured Tracks)
Saun & Starr – Hot Shot (Daptone)
The Bardots – Sad Anne (Bliss Out)
Flyying Colours – Not Today (Shelflife)

Walls – I Can’t Give You Anything But Love (Ecstatic)
King Tubby – The Immortal Dub (Clocktower)
Rozi Plain – Jogalong (Lost Map)
Fever Dream – Serotonin Hit (Club AC30)

Les Chausettes – Volanoes (Punk Fox)
The Shifters – Algeria (Comfort)

The Exploited – Sex & Violence (Secret)

Pack It Up and Go: Basementcast #19

Welcome to basementcast N-n-n-19!  (A little Paul Hardcastle anyone?) Summer use to be the time when record releases slowed down. That does not seem to be the case anymore. There has been a ton of great stuff that’s come out in the last few months and this little old podcast barely scrapes the surface. No one ever said that keeping up is easy, but the basementcast is easily transportable and haphazardly designed to keep you up to date. So pack it up and take with you on that final summer trip. If you download it before you leave, you won’t need one of those pesky internet connections.

Download: basementcast #19 (~185 Mb)

Eternal Summers – Millions  from Correct Behavior (Kanine)
Erik Blood – The Lonesome Death of Henry Paris  from Touch Screens (Self-released/bandcamp)
Terrible Truths – Don Juan from 7″ (Mexican Summer)

Fergus & Geronimo – Roman Tick from Funky Was the State of Affairs (Hardly Art)
Useless Eaters – Hypertension from 7″  (Manimal)
The Intelligence – Techno Tuesday from Everybodys Got It Easy But Me (In the Red)

Boomgates – Whispering and Singing from Double Natural (Bedroom Suck)
Bitch Prefect – Bad Decisions from Big Time (Bedroom Suck)
The Woolen Men – Hazel from The Woolen Men (Bandcamp)

Beat Mark – Speed Of Sound from 7″ (Shit Music for Shit People)
The Cyrkle – The Visit (She Was Here) from Neon (Columbia)

Felines – Daddy Walk from 7″ (Hey Girl)
The Dixie Cups – Two-Way Poc-A-Way from 7″ (ABC Paramount)
Universe People – Bus Route from Bad French (Little Black Cloud Records)

Derrick Morgan – Kill Me Dead from Moon Hop Best of the Early Years (Trojan)
Taken by Trees – Dreams  from Other Worlds (Secretly Canadian)
Antena – To Climb the Cliff from Camino Del Sol  (Numero Group)

Dinosaur Jr – Freak Scene from Bug  (SST)
Joanna Gruesome – Sugarcrush from E.P. (bandcamp)
Exlovers – This Love Will Lead You On from Moth (Young and Lost Club)

Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti – Only In My Dreams from Mature Themes (4AD)
Hollins & Starr – Talking To Myself from Sidewalks Talking (Lion)
Ty Segall & White Fence – (I Can’t) Get Around You from Hair (Drag City)
Lawrence Arabia – The Bisexual from The Sparrow (Bella Union)

Deep Time – Bermuda Triangle from Deep Time (Hardly Art)
THEE Satisfaction – Needs from awE naturalE (Sub Pop)
Fountains – Easily Led from 7″ (Beautiful Strange)

Danyel Gerard – Sexologie from Wizzz: Psychorama Francais 66-71 (Born Bad)
Liminanas – Salvation  from Crystal Anis (Hozac)

The June Brides –  A January Moon from 7″ (Slumberland)

No Basementcast Before Its Time: Basementcast #18

We haven’t had a basementcast since September of last year. What the heck? What’s with the delay? If you must know the basementcast has been in cryogenic purgatory for these past few months. To make a long story longer, there was a leak in the basement, the water froze and it’s just now thawing out. No damage done, in fact the basementcast says that it’s feeling rejuvenated. I guess all that time spent in the deep freeze with Walt Disney and Orson Welles has done a little something for the creative juices. Maybe it was just waiting until the medical know-how existed to make it bigger stronger faster and tastier. Apparently that time is now, and to paraphrase those infamous Paul Masson commercials from the 70’s, the basementcast is now more mature, complex and contains  much nicer wood.
download: basementcast #18 (~155Mb)

Batitda – Tirei o Chapéu from Batida
Vex Ruffin – Secret Weapon from Eulogy EP
Lower Dens – Brains from Nootropics

Sugar Stems – Greatest Pretender from Certified PR 7″
Detective Agency – Daggers from Daggers EP
Wendy Rene – Gone For Good from After Laughter Comes Tears: Complete Stax & Volt Singles

Ex Cops – You Are a Lion, I Am a Lamb (Original Dram Session) from Other Music 7″
Hollows – Golden Chain from Vulture
Jimmy Ruffin & David Ruffin – When My Love Hand Comes Down  from I Am My Brother’s Keeper

Channel 3 – Manzanar from The Skinhead Years
7 Seconds – In Your Face from Walk Together, Rock Together
Wimps – Stop Having Fun from demo
Terry Malts – Not A Christian from Killing Time
Descendents – I Like Food – from the Fat EP

Deep Time – Clouds from Deep Time
The Zoltars – You Can Take It If You Want from Should I Try Once More?
Guy Harvey – The Rope from Mayo Factory 7″

The Vickers – Baby G from Fine For Now
Sleuth – We’re Not Friends Yet from Brave Knew Nothing
Young Prisms – Gone from In Between
Aggi Doom – Cakewalk from Soft Abuse 7″

King Tuff – Wild Desire from Suicide Squeeze 7″
Tronics – T.V. On In Bed from Love Backed By Force
Outfit – Drakes from Another Night’s Dreams Reach Earth Again

Del Shannon – Gemini from The Further Adventures Of Charles Westover
Cardinal – Rosemary Livingstone from Hymns
Kaleidoscope – Jenny Artichoke from Tangerine Dream
The Minders – Almost Arms from Cul-de-Sacs & Dead Ends

The Big Red Round One: Basementcast #17

Welcome to basementcast number 17. It seems like these things are becoming seasonal, not that this one has any kind of theme, just that the last one was at the commencement of summer and this one just happens to land as autumn is beginning. What does the Red Balloon have to do with it, you may ask. Nothing really, except for the giant red tomatoes finally ripening in my backyard. They’re kind of pesky like that troublesome red balloon. You plant them with the highest expectations of big red round juicy fruits ripening on the vine and sometimes you reap the rewards and sometimes your hopes are dashed by foul weather. You’ll be happy to know that this year has been a good one for tomatoes. The basementcast is kinda like the tomato, it’s not ready ’till it’s ripe and this one has finally ripened. Like Orson Welles use to say, “There will be no basementcast before its time.” This one will either carry you away like the red balloon did the boy, or it will be like a tomato in face. Either way, it’s red and it’s round.

download: basementcast #17 (~177 Mb)

Race Horses – Benidorm from Soundcloud
The Brilliant Corners – Emily from Joyride 
Cleaners From Venus – Julie Profumo from The Very Best Of Cleaners From Venus

Charles Leo Gebhardt IV – Chardonnay from Begin Again
Peggy Lee – Everything’s Movin’ Too Fast from  The Capitol Collector’s Series

Sweet Bulbs – Ring of Protection from Various Deficiencies Vol. 2
Evans The Death – Threads  from the Fortuna Pop 7″

Wendy & Bonnie – The Paisley Windowpane from Genesis
Super Furry Animals – Hello Sunshine from Phantom Power
Pale Saints – Kinky Love from Flesh Balloon EP

Ketamines – Line by Line from Hozac 7″
Mc Tells – Snowy White from What Happens Next
The Creation – Biff Bang Pow from Our Music Is Red – With Purple Flashes
The Lemon Drops – It Happens Everyday Crystal Pure (The Definitive Collection)

Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons – The Night from Our Lives Are Shaped By What We Love: Motown’s Mowest Story 1971-1973
The Skids – Sweet Suburbia from Sweet Suburbia: The Best Of The Skids
Hausu – Weaving Spiders from Lebens Strasse 7″
Lilac – Cathedral from Lilac EP on Omega

The Field Mice – Emma’s House from Where’d You Learn To Kiss That Way?
The Free Design – Bubbles from Bubbles
Francobollo – Try? from the internet
Eleanor Friedberger – Roosevelt Island from Last Summer

Exlovers – Blowing Kisses from the Blowing Kisses 7″
Whirr – Junebouvier from June
Weekend – Hazel from the Red EP

Metronomy – The Look from The English Riviera
Baxter Dury – Trellic from Happy Soup
Tommy James & The Shondells – Crystal Blue Persuasion from Crimson & Clover/ Cellophane Symphony

The Better Half: Basementcast #16

Photo from Bob Carlos Clarke/Rex USA/Everett Collection

It’s been a while since the last one of these hit the internet. The Q1U has been burried under a stack of a records for the last few months. I was cleaning the basement the other day and uncovered it. Inspiration hit and a list of songs was assembled with an initial unintended musical slant . A little rejiggering, and it became an ode to the female of the species and my favorite basementcast yet. See what you think.

download: basementcast #16 (~165 Mb)

Las Kellies – Prince In Blue  from Kellies (Fire)
ESG – It’s Alright  from Come away with ESG (Soul Jazz)
No Joy – Indigo Child (Stereolab Remix) from Ghost Blonde (Mexican Summer)

Red Sleeping Beauty – The Trumpet Song from  Singles (Siesta)
The Chiffons – He’s So Fine  from Sweet Talkin’ Girls – The Best Of The Chiffons (EMI)
Laetitia Sadier – By the Sea  from The Trip (Drag City)

Wax Idols  – All Too Human (Hozac 7″)
Mocket – Bionic Parts  from Bionic Parts (Punk In My Vitamins)
Soul Swingers – Brighter Tomorrow  from Wheedle’s Groove – Seattle’s Finest in Funk & Soul 1965-75 (Light In the Attic)
P.S. Eliot – Sadie  from Sadie (Salinas)

Calligraphers – Let The Eyes Talk (Bandcamp)
Help Stamp Out Loneliness – Angelyne from Help Stamp Out Loneliness  (WIAIWYA)
Seapony – Always from Go With Me  (Hardly Art)

Xeno & Oaklander – Sentinelle from Sentinelle (Wierd)
Althea & Donna – Uptown Top Ranking  from Uptown Top Ranking (Frontline)
Amor De Dias – Bunhill Fields from  Street Of The Love Of Days (Merge)

Times New Viking – Fuck Her Tears  from Dancer Equired (Merge)
Molly O’Day & The Cumberland Mountain Folks – Poor Ellen Smith  from Columbia Country Classics Volume 1: The Golden Age (Columbia)
Dreamdate – Pyramids from Melody Walk (Tic Tac Totally)

Kids On A Crime Spree – Trumpets of Death  from We Love You So Bad (Slumberland)
Bake Sale – Meanwhile  from As Predicted 7″ (Grand Palace Records)
The Louche F.C. – Back Bedroom Casualty  (Sways 7″)

Posse – Sarah (Self-released)
Eleventh Dream Day – You Know What It Is from Lived To Tell  (Atlantic)

Saint Etienne – Kiss and Make Up from  Foxbase Alpha (Warner)
Cat’s Eyes – The Best Person I Know  from Cat’s Eyes  (Downtown)

Thee Oh Sees – I Won’t Hurt You from  Castlemania (In the Red)

Rock n’ Roll Pest Control: Basementcast #15

Basementcast number fifteen was designed specifically to stamp out pests.  Be it the criter kind or the pesky rock n’ roll kind.  Oh, you know the type.  That song you accidentally hear down the hall, in the Gap or in your mom’s car that you can’t get out of your head.  You keep singing the chorus and then form a quizical look on your face that says why in the hell did I just sing that?  This baemenctcast was specifically desingned to erradicate those nuisance songs from your brain and fill it with ‘worthy’ songs to belt out at the stop light, in line at the coffee shop or any old place.

download: basementcast #15 (~175 Mb)

Arabesque – Orchestre de studio from Apres Ski
Continental – Jonny from Candyfloss

Best Album – Vic Godard & The Subway Sect from We Come As Aliens
Landlocked – BOAT from Dress Like Your Idols
That’s Your Red Wagon – Anita O’Day/Cal Tjader from Time For Two

Speed Queen – Les Molies from Kumcat
A Hundred Days Of Snow – The Little Penguins from Shapes And Shadows
Unusual Sounds – The Sneetches from  Sometimes That’s All We Have

Springstung – Sweet Bulbs from Sweet Bulbs
So High – Ringo Deathstarr from Colour Trip
Fanci Pantz – Cotton Candy from Top-Notch & First-Rate

Get Away – Yuck from Yuck
U.F.O. – Jim Sullivan from U.F.O.
Drive Me To The Park – The Embarrassment from Heyday 1979-83

Shari Vari – The Dirtbombs from Party Store
Wanderlust – Chrisma from Chinese Restaurant
The Cuban – Honeydrum from Honeydrum

Nectar – Still from Nectar
Cameo – Boomgates from Bright Idea 7-inch
Golden Lights – Twinkle from Golden Lights

Should Be Gone – The Feelies from Here Before
Sur Ton Répondeur – Notre Dame from Chansons Françaises
Stiff Joints – Yuni In Taxco from Sanpaku

Go! – Mind Spiders from Mind Spiders
The Helicopter Spies – Swell Maps from Jane From Occupied Europe
Cement Surfboard – Sic Alps from Napa Asylum

Oh, The Divorces! – Tracey Thorn from Love And Its Opposite

Talking Turkey: Basementcast #14

You may or may not know that Ben Franklin thought that the national bird should have been the wild turkey. He thought the bald eagle to be of questionable moral character and that it was lazy since it scavenged and stole food from other birds. Wild turkey’s on the other hand, he thought were a much more respectable bird, maybe a little vain and goofy, but they were courageous. Maybe if not for the unfortunate name, its connotations, and the fact that they taste pretty good, there might have been a different bird adorning our money. Of course then what would have everyone eaten at Thanksgiving? Desert of course. Basementcast #14 hopefully will be on your menu this week, it may not be as good as grandma’s pumpkin pie, but it certainly is as good as fruit cake.

download: basementcast #14 (~169Mb)

Right Side Of My Brain – Veronica Falls

Prison Mind – Idle Times from Idle Times
Ida Red – Bob Wills & His Texas Playboys from Tiffany Transcriptions, Vol. 2
Whole Wide World – Wreckless Eric from Greatest Stiffs

Vancouver B.C. – Orca Team from Let It Go
No Oil – Surf Friends from Confusion
Monongah, WV – Weekend from Sports
New York Mining Disaster 1941 – Bee Gees from Bee Gees’ 1st

West of La Brea – The Tartans from West of La Brea Single
Nice Guy – Max Eider from Disaffection
Ballad Of A Bus Stop – Cinema Red And Blue from Cinema Red And Blue
Face It – Ed Robinson from What It Is! Funky Soul and Rarities

Hit It Off – Kellies from Kellies
Orchard Girls – Calories from Basic Nature
Hanging From Above – Figurines from Figurines

Northern Islands – Blank Dogs from Land and Fixed
Audio Video – Detachments from Detachments

Summer Of Love – The Fresh & Onlys from Play It Strange
Straight Shooter – The Mamas & The Papas from Gold
Can’t Explain – Spells from The Age of Backwards

Everso – The Telescopes from Everso
Heedless – No Joy from Ghost Blonde
Deli Dream – Sourpatch from Mira Mija EP

Peppermint – Spectrals from Extended Play
Mexico – The Soft Pack from The Soft Pack

Té-lé-phone – Katerine from Philippe Katerine
Don’t Talk To Strangers – Prinzhorn Dance School from Prinzhorn Dance School

You Look Ready – The Zebras from Worry a Lot
Block of Wood – Vomit Launch from Teenbeat 50