The Midwinter Lull: Basementcast #9

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It Always Rains In My Town
photo from Fractal Artist

Although he’s from Georgia, Abner Jay’s I’m So Depressed rings true in the PNW in the middle of winter. Rain is the rule, dark is the law and everyone is just trying to get along, trying to make it to the spring, or some sunny local somewhere south. The holiday gift giving, blog list-making, eggnog induced halcyon haze of December has long since passed and were just tying to get our vitamin D deprived bodies to some more daylight and ultraviolet bliss.
Well, face up man, it’s the middle of January and things ain’t gettin’ better for a long while. So, what do you do? It’s quite simple. You inject yourself with a vial full of basementcast, a big bottle of something and you hibernate until spring.

download: basementcast #9 (~200 Mb)

It Always Rains in My Town  - Vegetarian Meat from Let’s Pet
I’m So Depressed –  Abner Jay from True Story of Abner Jay
The Night We Ran Away – At Swim Two Birds from Before You Left

1000 Miles An Hour – Good Shoes from No Hope, No Future
Crying shame – The Blanche Hudson Weekend from The Letters To Daddy EP
Hug The Harbour – Emma Pollock from The Law Of Large Numbers

Shouldna Started Trouble – Naomi Punk from Naomi Punk
Sunburn – Pearl Harbor from Something About The Chaparrals

Beat The Horse – Pomplamoose from Pomplamoose VideoSongs
Downed Economy – Emil And Friends from Tranparent 7

Blastit… – Shabazz Palaces from Shabazz Palaces (the brown one)
You Monopolise Me – The Ogyatanaa Show Band from Ghana Special
Auckland CBD Part 2 – Lawrence Arabia from Chant Darling

Fun from Sourpatch from Crushin’
Keep Me Warm – Outdoor Miners from Twelve Hundred Dollars 7″
Monorail – Pugwash from Giddy

Good Advice – The Twerps from The Twerps
Cross the Street – The Electric Bunnies from Through the Magical Door
Revolution Queen – Rough Bunnies from Scapegoat

A Million Things – Lucy Show from Mania
Girl In The Fur-Skin Rug – deVries from Death To God
Blue Flower – Mazzy Star from She Hangs Brightly

The Polaroid Song – Allo Darlin’ from The Polaroid Song Single
Lovin’ On An Older Gal – Sonny And The Sunsets from Tomorrow is Alright soft abuse
The Old Graveyard – Gigi from Maintenant

Danger Overboard – Tender Trap from The Matinée Grand Prix
Fragile – Frankie & The Heartstrings from Frankie & The Heartstrings
In Love – Marine Girls from Lazy Ways/Beach Party

Too Late for Halloween: Basementcast #8

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Le potiron
photo from Providence Journal photo / Sandor Bodo

People are nuts.  Why would you ever want to grow a 1,725 pound pumpkin?  I suppose so that you could say that you did.  Apparently pumpkin growing is like horse breeding, you gotta get the right seed from a sire that has the right genes.  The seed for this big beauty came from a former world record holder.    The funny thing about this picture, besides the obvious, is that it came from northeast Ohio, about 30 miles from where I grew up.  In case you ever wondered what it was like growing up in sl-Ohio, I can tell you it was just slightly more exciting than this picture.  Depending on your point of view (world record pumpkin growers excepted), something a little more exiting is the new basementcast.  It weighs a whole lot less, you can fit in your pocket, and you won’t need five guys to help you with it.

download: basementcast #8 (~170 Mb)

The Sky Drops – Sentimental
Fungi Girls – Pacifica Nostalgia
The Spits – 19 Million A.C.

Fergus & Geronimo – Tell It (In My Ear)
Sam Cooke – Sugar Dumpling

White Wires – Pretty Girl
Firefly Effect – Never by your side
Cosmos- Grapes Of Wrath

The Kindness Kind – Labor Day
Tap Tap – Straight To Hell
Headlights - Secrets

Beat Happening – Bewitched
Black Box Recorder – Up Town Top Ranking
Peter Tsotsi, Nashil Pichen, & The Equator Sound Band – Pole Musa

Cerys Matthews – Into The Blue
Ladytron – He Took Her To A Movie
Rose Elinor Dougall – Fallen Over

Hope Factory – The Folly Of Being Comforted
Kevin Ayers – Stranger In Blue Suede Shoes
Lofty Heights – Eye Contact

Black Whales – Young Blood
Aidan Moffat & The Best-Ofs – The Last Kiss
Dutchess and the Duke – Side By Side

Ganglians – Blood On The Sand
Velez Manifesto – Pop Song
Trailer Trash Tracys – Candy Girl

Bob McFadden & Dor – The Mummy

Back to School: Basementcast #7

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back to the old school

Buck up everyone summer is over and it’s time to get back to work.  We here at the Finest Kiss loath work, but we do what we’ve gotta do to get by.  If you need a little something to get by this may be just the thing.  To quote Mick Jones, It’s multipurpose in a jar, If you ain`t ill it`ll fix your car.  So carry it around with you, put it in your car, stuff it away into cupboards because you never know when you might need it.

download: basementcast #7 (~140Mb)

BOAT- Reverie
Nothing Painted Blue – Swivel Chair
Nodzzz – True to Life

Taken By Trees – Anna
Unrest - June
Stolen Hearts - Heart Collector
Chris Clark – Do Right Baby, Do Right

Your Twenties – Saturday Night Live
Sondre Lerche – Easy to Persuade

Parallelograms – Dream On Daisey
Pop Will Eat Itself – Candydiosis
Faintest Ideas – You’re Gonna Wake Up One Morning and Know What Side of the Bed You’ve Been Sleeping On

The Purrs – Fear of Flying
The Chills – Push
West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band – I Won’t Hurt You
The Spires – Famous Last Words

Visqueen - Hand Me Down
Blake Babies – I’m Not Your Mother
Top Sound – A Matter of Precision

France & the Habsburgs - Photographic Heart
Surfer Blood – Neighbor Riffs – Astro Cast
Sweet Jesus – Sindy Makes Believe

Bee Gees – The Earnest of Being George
Sic Alps – L Mansion
The Rutles – Nevertheless

The Primitives – Really Stupid
Grass Widow – Black Hole
Veronica Falls – Found Love In a Graveyard

Summercast: basementcast #6

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In the summertime, everything seems to slow down. No one returns your calls or emails at work because they’re all on vacation. In the music world, releases slow down from their rapid spring rate.  Although this year it seems like there hasn’t been much of slow down in stuff coming out this summer, so there is no dearth of new stuff in this edition. Without further ado, and since this isn’t France  (I don’t have enough vacation time to take the whole summer off), here is the summer edition of the basementcast. The track list and links to all the bands below.

download: basementcast #6

The Bluebells – Red Guitar – Sisters
The Clientele – I Wonder Who We Are – Bonfires of the Health
Internet Forever – Break Bones
Charles Leo Gebhardt IV – King of the Mountain – Unfaithful
Gnonnas Pedro Et Ses Dadjes – DaDje Von O Von – Legends of Benin

The Nightgowns – Buoy – Sing Something
The Wannadies – Lee Remick – Might be Stars b-side
Dan Melchior – Williamsburg, Brooklyn – Thank You Very Much
The Hummingbirds – Word Gets Around – LoveBuzz
Dreamdate – 8 Sleeves – Patience

Surf Punks – My Beach My Wave – My Beach
The Sunrays – I Live For the Sun –
Rainbow Bridge – Big Wave Rider – True Panther 7″

Mannequin Men – Who Is Alive golden – Lose Your Illusion Two
Darling Buds – It Makes No Difference – Crawdaddy
Flight – Flowers – Sweet Rot 7″
Sunny & the Sunsets – Death Cream – Soft Abuse 7″
Hex Dispensers – It’s Your Funeral Minion – Winchester Mystery House

Afternoon Naps – Mittten Fingers – Parade
The Depreciation Guild – Dream About Me
ESP Summer – Golden Heart of the Year
The Bats – Crimson Enemy – The Guilty Office
Davila 666 – Sabes Que Quiero – Hozac 7″
Dara Puspita – A Go Go – A Go Go

Mayer Hawthorne – The Ills – A Strange Arrangement
Papas Fritas - Way You Walk – Pop Has Freed Us
Esser – Headlock – Braveface

Something For the Weekend: Vacation Basementcast

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back from fishing

Yes, summer has finally arrived and my vacation was filled with swimming, baseball games, and fishing. We split our time between sl-Ohio and Washington, DC. It was a bunch of fun, especially our trip to Linesville, Pennsylvania to feed the carp. Throwing bread to a bunch of overgrown fish is probably not a lot of people’s idea of fun, but I don’t hang out with those kind of people.
I’m hesitant to call this the summer edition of the basementcast, that’ll be next month. This is more like the summer vacation edition. Take it with you, whether it’s to the beach, the back yard or over to the neighbor’s house, just don’t take it to work!

basementcast #5: download

track list:
Electricity In Our Homes – Motorbike
Tiger – On the Rose
Young Fresh Fellows – Suck Machine Crater
Tyvek – Building Burning
Rose Elinor Dougal – Stop/Start/Synchro
Drums – Best Friend
Mirrors – Cheap & Vulgar
Cheap Red – Let’s Start a Riot
Champagne Socialists – Teardrop Tatoo
Nancey Sinatra & Lee Hazlewood – Greenwich Village Song Salesman
Personal & the Pizzas – I Don’t Feel So Happy Now No More
Shackles – Broken Arm
Grant Hart – 2541
Hospitality – Betty Wang
Maribel – Flesh and Blood
Radio Dept. – David
Pale Saints – She Rides the Waves
Charlie Mingus – II BS
Let’s Wrestle – Let’s Wrestle
Human Beinz – It’s Fun to Be Clean
Ganglians – Lost Words
Cave Weddings – Let’s Drive
Catapult – Cute
Chomp – It’s Arizona
the Clean – In the Dreamlife You Need a Rubber Soul
Tall Dwarfs – The Brain that Wouldn’t Die
Television Personalities – A Glimpse of My Genius
Jonathon Richman – Circle I

Spring Fever Edition of the Basementcast

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When we first moved into our house, one of our neighbors offered us some chickens. She assured us that they were little trouble and that once you have a farm fresh egg you’ll never go back to the store bought ones. I balked at having chickens in the backyard, and still buy eggs from the grocery store or the farmer’s market. There are times that I wish we would have taken the offer, usually it’s at breakfast time. What does this have to do with the fourth installment of the basementcast you may wonder? Absolutely nothing, but there are backyard references made a few times in this one and a cameo appearance from my daughter Elsa who also talks about the backyard, sans chickens of course.  It’s the spring fever edition of the basementcast.

basementcast #4: download

Track list:
Woodentops – Get It On
Answering Machine – Cliffer
Eat Skull – Stick to the Formula
David Kilgour & Sam Hunt – Chords
Tea Cozies – Pretty Pages
Pylon – M-Train
Super Furry Animals – The Very Best of Neil Diamond
Heptones – Tea for two
Signed Papercuts – Of My Heart
So Cow – Greetings
Fresh & Onlys – Peacock & Wing
Idle Times – Million Miles Away
Legends – Always the Same
Vincent Vincent and the Villains – Killing Time
Gene Vincent – Race With the Devil
Hula Boy – When Owls Cry
Surfire Broadcast – Stars Hang Bright
B.I.S – This is Fake D.I.Y
Bill Nelson – Do You Dream in Colour?
Intelligence – Saint Bartolomu
Jazz Butcher – Domestic Animals
The Saphires – Gotta Have Your Love
Wooden Shjips – For So Long
Atlas Sound – Solo or the Square
Nite Jewel – Artificial Intelligence
Softies – I Love You More
Cat Walk – On The Cracked Pavement
Teenage Lovers – Number One
Wounded Lion – Pony People
Richard Swift – Lady Luck

The Difficult Third Basementcast

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This is basementcast number three, but I’m still working out the kinks.  For some reason everything seems a bit overmodulated, especially me.  But, I guess I always was a loud talker.  A big thanks to my kid sister and her husband who got me the new microphone for my birthday.  They must have been listening and took pity.  I’m still figuring it out, but it makes it a whole lot more fun talking into a real mic.  As for the music, there’s tons of good stuff coming out every week, especially 7 inch single these days.  I try to cover a bunch of them, but somehow still left out a bunch like the Fresh and Onlys, The Pink Noise and Happy Burger to name only a few.  I guess you can’t play everything, and there’s always next month.

basementcast: download

Track list:
Manhattan Love Suicides – Superboy & Super Girl
Help Stamp Out Loneliness – Torvill & Dean
Sad Day for Puppets – Little Light
Woods – To Clean
Chad VanGaalen – Bones of Man
Green Pajamas – The Lonesome End Of The Lake
Arthur & Yu – Don’t Piss Into the Fire
Velocette – Bitterscene
Frederick Knight – I’ve Been Lonely For So Long
Pop Art Toasters – Baby What Am I Gonna Do?
Magic Kids – Hey Boy
Sea Lions – Let’s Groove
Dick Dale – Let’s Go Trippin’
Real Estate – Old Folks
Moles – Bury Me Happy
Brilliant Colors – Should I Tell You
Vibrarians – Red Light
Graffiti Island – Wolf Guy
No Bunny – Boneyard
Crystal Stilts – Love is a Wave
Felt – The Day the Rain Came Down
Abe Vigoda – Wild Heart
Love Boat – Frankie Shampoo
Nerves – Paper Doll
Pooh Sticks – I Know Someone Who Knows Someone Who Knows Alan McGee Quite Well
Jeffrey Novak – Hello Hello

The Basementcast, Part Deux

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down in the basement
Here ya go, something for the weekend.  It’s the March installment of the the Finest Kiss Basementcast.  If this is going to become a regular thing, I guess I should get a theme song and some back ground music for the talking parts.  A real microphone might be nice too, one of those big foamy ones would be perfect.  Maybe I should get some advertisers too.  Naah, I kind of like the furnace as my background noise, at least until I sell out.

basementcast: download

Track list:

Obits – Two Headed Coin
France Has the Bomb – Invisible Angle
Coconut Coolouts – The Spinaround
Lime spiders – Just one Solution
Vic Godard – Vertical Integration
Wake the President – Professor
Comet Gain – You Can Hide Your Love Forever
Rakes – Muller’s Ratchet
Intelligence – 16&17
A Frames – Death Train
Dead Mellotron – Dress Rehearsal
Crocodiles – Neon Jesus
Kay Kay & His Weathered Underground – Diggin
Camera Obscura – My Maudlin Career
Pale Sunday – The White Tambourine
Mayfair Set – Desert Fun
Liechtenstein – Everything’s for Sale
Jane Wiedlin – Cool Places
Smittens – the Interstate
Blue Jungle – I’m a Ninja
Rose Eleanor Dougall – Another Version of a Pop Song
Crystals – Then He Kissed Me
Richard Hawley – Rockabilly Radio
Johnny Kidd and the Pirates – Shakin All Over
Pete & the Pirates – Blood Gets Thin

podcast, blogcast, whatever

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blah blah blah

Just what the world needed, me talking about music, instead of writing about it.    For some sycophantic reason, I’ve been wanting to do a podcast for a while and well, I’ve finally I gone and done it.  It’s racked with uhms, ahhs and mistakes, like when I say that the British Sea Power brothers are in the Brakes.  I’m too lazy to go back and fix it to say that it’s the Electric Soft Parade Brothers.  I’m sure you guys could care less anyway, mistakes are punk rock, no?  We’re keepin’ it real and raw, no second takes going on around here!  This was done in the basement of my house and you can even hear the furnace coming on in the background!  So without any further hemming and hawing here it is, the basementcast.  Feel free to fast forward.

podcast: download

Track List:

Robyn Hitchcock – What You Is
Brakes – Crystal Tunings
Tacocat – Leotard
Bratmobile – Kiss & Ride
Dum Dum Girls – Hey Sis
Surf City – Mt Kill
Clean – Beatnick
3D’s – Outer Space
Crayon Fields – Mirror Ball
Erik Blood – These Days
Mayer Hawthorne And The Country – Just Ain’t Gonna Work Out
Whitest Boy Alive – Promise Less Or Do More
Del Amitri – Sense Sickness
Fanfarlo – Pilot
Hotels – Hydra
Say Hi – November Was White
It Hugs Back – Work Day
Cats On Fire – Letters From a Voyage to Sweden
Bubblemen – The Bubblemen Are Coming

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