Paisley Blues and the Young Sinclairs


Every time Sam Lunsford releases a record I give thanks. Super talented and pretty much unknown, the guy seems to be perfectly content releasing records as internet downloads. This is fine, but listening to his band the Young Sinclairs  on vinyl lends a bit more gravitas to the music, not to mention it just feels better listening to his paisley colored songs when they spin around at 33 and a third or 45 revolutions per minute. Thanks to the French labels Requiem Pour Un Twister & Croque Macadam there are two brand new singles from Lunsford’s Young Sinclairs.  Hurt My Pride is the single with attitude. It sounds like Lunsford has been listening to Love and Them. It’s full of spite, antipathy and of course tons of melody.  Second single New Day is softer sounding and jangles like early Church and REM. Perhaps it’s trying to heal the wounds inflicted by its mate.

I think if Lunsford ever really decided to go for it: tour like crazy,and  get a PR person that has friends at certain web sites. The Young Sinclairs would no longer just be this cool secret among pop geeks. For now file the them next to your Allah-Las, White Fence, People’s Temple and The See See records.

For more Lunsford goodness check out his ‘solo’ record that was released late last year. It’s less psychedelic and more straightforward 70’s tinged pop.

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Psych Pop Week: Afternoon Naps

The Bennefits of Afternoon Naps
Image by Daniele Young taken from the Afternoon Naps MySpace

Welcome to day three of psych pop week here at the Finest Kiss. No we won’t be going down memory lane talking about bands like the West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band, Love, Left Bank, the Elephant 6 Collective, or Witch Hazel. Instead we’ll be covering some new records that dip their feet into the psychedelic ink jar.

Day three takes us to Cleveland, Ohio and the Afternoon Naps.  Their second album is called Parade, and has just been released by Happy Happy Birthday to Me on limited edition CD and LP (their 2007  album Sunbeam was self-released).  You may not equate Northeast Ohio with psychedelic pop, but there is some precedence in bands like Youngstown’s Human Beinz and the afore mentioned Witch Hazel who were from Kent. Parade  is a study in sublime pastoral sunbeams, and just the thing to help you get through the gray cloudy days of winter.  It’s bright pop hooks and production are along the same lines of the Essex Green and Ladybug Transistor.  In the indiepop universe studies have shown that listening to the Afternoon Naps is more effective than light treatment in treating Seasonal Affective Disorder, so go ahead put it on an brighten not only your day but your outlook on life.

mp3: Afternoon Naps –  Bubblegum 45 (from Parade, buy from HHBTM)