Golden Grrrls Guts

Today’s music is brought to you by the letter G*.

Golden Grrrls are a trio from Scotland who have just released their first 7-inch single on Night School Records in the UK.  It’s an edition of 300 and sure to go quick as their noisy melodic boy-grrrl lo-fi sound is sure to pleasure at least 300 people’s ears enough into buy it. They kind of remind me of Sexy Kids which is no small feat.

mp3: Golden Grrrls – Beaches (order the 7-inch from Night School)

Coming off of two EP’s and a split single with Brilliant Colors are Girls Names who hail from Belfast, Northern Ireland.  Slumberland has scooped up the band for the US release and it’s not surprising since they have a similar dark sound to Crystal Stilts.

mp3: Girls Names – Seánce on a Wet Afternoon (out soon on Slumberland)

Speaking of dark sounds, Brisbane, Australia’s Slug Guts have a record called Howlin’ Gang out next week on Sacred Bones.  Sounding like a more accessible Birthday Party or early Hunters and Collectors, their  Hangin’ in the Pisser might just be the best song I’ve heard all week. Psychobilly goth is back with a vengeance.

mp3: Slug Guts – Hangin’ In the Pisser (order Howling Gang from Sacred Bones)

*mp3’s snagged from Pinglewood, Tough Love and Raven Sings the Blues respectively.