Pale Lights Brighten the Room


The Pale Lights debut album Before There Were Pictures was recorded by at Marlborough Farms by Ladybug Transistor’s Gary Olson. Head Pale Light Philip Sutton who has been in Comet Gain and more recently the Soft City, employs the help of Crystal Stilts bassist Andrew Adler to play guitar and solicits the talents of the Stilts Kyle Forester for some keyboard flourishes. Come to think of it, is is nearly a Cinema Red and Blue reunion minus Comet Gain’s David Feck.

Sutton who was also the Cinema Red and Blue drummer gets out from behind the drums and is front and center with his jangly guitar and friendly croon. The album picks up where their four song self-titled EP from 2012 left off. The album breezes into the room like a long forgotten friend. The elegant maudlin pop that the band excels at evokes bygone classics like Felt, Brilliant Corners, Lloyd Cole and Biff Bang Pow! Like an old friend, you feel like you already know these songs and you kind of do if you are a fan of these other bands. If you don’t it’s time to make a new friend. Say hello to the Pale Lights!

stream & buy: Pale Lights – Before There Were Pictures

Ballad of Th(re)e Band(s)

Erudite Pop Dude #1: Nobody probably remembers the Brilliant Corners. Surely one of the greatest forgotten bands of the past 30 years.

Erudite Pop Dude #2. Felt was better.

EPD #1. Felt are so mainstream. Go to Tumblr and you can’t click without seeing some old picture of them.

EPD #2. For good reason they were brilliant.

EPD #1. Yeah right. Train above the City is so vital. Felt albums are like a bobbing for apples. Give me the consistent quality of the Brilliant Corners blissfully cloaked melancoly

EPD #1. I wish there was a band or two today that was consistently unpredictable.

EPD #2. Wouldn’t that make them predictable?

EPD #1. Fine, how about a new band that could combine Felt acumen with a Brilliant Corners appreciation?

EPD #2. You mean like Pale Lights?

stream: Pale Lights EP (order the 7-inch from Calico Cat)