A Punk, a Slacker and Wimps Walk Into a Bar


The punk orders a beer. The slacker, this being Washington, lights up a spliff. Wimps order a pizza, get on the bar, do a big shoe dance and then on their way out knock over the row of Harley’s outside. All is fine and nobody gets their lights punched out because even though they call themselves Wimps their kinda tough in a not so tough kind of way. They’ve also got some street cred having hung out with the Intelligence, Partman Parthorse and Meth Teeth to name just a few who have their backs.

Brand spanking new Seattle record label End of Time also has their backs. The label has  just released Wimps debut long player Repeat. It’s full of short sharp shocks and two letters short of Repeater. Wimps songs  adhere to the  three chords and a cloud of dust rule. They’re raw, immediate, self-deprecating and fun. And who doesn’t need humorous odes to naps, intoxication, bad jobs, and the general banality of life to crank up when you need to forget about your sucky life?

stream: Wimps – Nap (from their album Repeat out now on End of Time)


I saw Wimps back in November open for Wax Idols and the Terry Malts. They rocked like they already knew what the hell they were doing even though I think that it was only their first or second show. Wimps are a trio. Rachel Ratner  plays guitar, sings and makes cool maps. Matt Nyce  plays bass and draws. Dave Ramm plays drums and makes pizzas. Wimps are raw power with nothing in the way. It’s punk rock the way it use to be; short, sharp and loud. Oh yeah, and they’ve got some good songs too, which you don’t have to take my word for any longer since they’ve put up a six song demo for you to download.  Wimps play this Friday at Black Lodge with Unnatural Helpers, Spurm and Uzi Rash.

stream/download (for you RSS types): Wimps – Demo

Watching Videos and Swapping Panties

I don’t normally post video’s, but this is worth watching. Wes Anderson is an obvious point of reference, but Anderson hasn’t made anything this funny since Bottle Rocket and Rushmore. It’s directed by Carlos Lopez of the Shackles with cameos by a bunch of the Seattle underground. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the Butts and their Panty Exchange Video.


Totally Butts

If I didn’t know any better I would say that Seattle’s Butts are a couple of snot-nosed 15 year old girls with a penchant for pissing off their parents and any other form of authority they can think of.  The seem to revel in being obnoxious, equating riding public transportation to having unwanted sex, and championing the pleasures of Alcohol, Cigarettes, and Marijuana to the horror of responsible adults everywhere.  They even have a theme song that I bet could be a number one hit among boys ages 5-8.  I mean,  what boy in that age group could deny a song with lyrics like,  We’re Butts, Shut Up! and We’re Butts, Butts, Butts, Butts, Butts…We’re totally Butts? The Butts get the youngsters hooked with the cool potty humor and then hit ’em with the hard stuff.  Obviously this record is aimed at corrupting our youth, and it’s so damn catchy and cool sounding that if it gets out to the greater public, we could have a problem on our  hands not seen since kids were playing records backwards to get satanic messages.

Of course, the Butts are not 15 year old girls, they are Rachel Ratner of Partman Parthorse and Shannon Perry of Katharine Hepburn’s Voice, and they’ve just released a seven song EP on Seattle’s GGNZLA records. The time it takes you to read this little itty bitty post about them is about the same amount of time it will take you to listen to their EP.  The longest song is a minute and a half, and the shortest is half a minute. It’s economic punk informed by Riot Grrrl, the Minutemen, Cars Can Be Blue and Mojo Nixon.  The Lyrics are juvenile and off the cuff and the music bare-bones drums and guitar, but that’s the point, short, sharp shocks that make you laugh.

mp3: Butts – We’re Butts

Order up a Butts EP at GGNZLA.