A Punk, a Slacker and Wimps Walk Into a Bar


The punk orders a beer. The slacker, this being Washington, lights up a spliff. Wimps order a pizza, get on the bar, do a big shoe dance and then on their way out knock over the row of Harley’s outside. All is fine and nobody gets their lights punched out because even though they call themselves Wimps their kinda tough in a not so tough kind of way. They’ve also got some street cred having hung out with the Intelligence, Partman Parthorse and Meth Teeth to name just a few who have their backs.

Brand spanking new Seattle record label End of Time also has their backs. The label has  just released Wimps debut long player Repeat. It’s full of short sharp shocks and two letters short of Repeater. Wimps songs  adhere to the  three chords and a cloud of dust rule. They’re raw, immediate, self-deprecating and fun. And who doesn’t need humorous odes to naps, intoxication, bad jobs, and the general banality of life to crank up when you need to forget about your sucky life?

stream: Wimps – Nap (from their album Repeat out now on End of Time)


I saw Wimps back in November open for Wax Idols and the Terry Malts. They rocked like they already knew what the hell they were doing even though I think that it was only their first or second show. Wimps are a trio. Rachel Ratner  plays guitar, sings and makes cool maps. Matt Nyce  plays bass and draws. Dave Ramm plays drums and makes pizzas. Wimps are raw power with nothing in the way. It’s punk rock the way it use to be; short, sharp and loud. Oh yeah, and they’ve got some good songs too, which you don’t have to take my word for any longer since they’ve put up a six song demo for you to download.  Wimps play this Friday at Black Lodge with Unnatural Helpers, Spurm and Uzi Rash.

stream/download (for you RSS types): Wimps – Demo

Update From Seattle

In case you were wondering, summer has yet to arrive in the Pacific Northwest.  It’s nearing the end of June and we’re just now starting to shed our thick blankets of clouds and precipitation.  So enough with the weather update, let’s move onto the  music update.  This weekend is has a lot of music packed into it.  The rock and roll marathon is Saturday and there’s a band every mile.  I don’t know too many indie rockers who run marathons (not enough irony in it), but even if you’re not a runner you can get up early to see BOAT, the Purrs and the Redwood Plan play along the route.  If you’re not an early riser, the annual Georgetown Music Fest is this Friday and Saturday and starts a little later.  Friday the bands start at 6:00 PM and Saturday things get underway at 2:00 PM.  The line-up is always worth a trip down to the south of end of town and this year is no exception with Webelos, Pica Beats, Pink Snowflakes, Hotels and the Tea Cozies all playing.

If you’re more the stay at home type the rest of this post is for you. We’ll start with the  GGNZLA crew striking again, this time with the new Partman Parthorse record.  The song that’s gotten a lot of mileage around town is Emerald City Dollar Bin which is one big giant diss of Seattle bands.  Partman Parthorse are arty punk rockers and could never be accused of being too soft, cuddly and melodic, but it’s pretty funny to hear lead man/horse Gary Smith take the piss out of the Seattle indie scene (Dutchesse and the Duke? They make me wanna puke/Mount St. Helens Vietnam Band, more like Mt. St. Helens Vietnam Bland). If you’ve ever seen Partman Parthorse, you know then that Smith likes to strip down to his skivvies when they play.  Partman Parthorse? More like Partman Part-Underwear Model Wannabe.  Bonus: cover of the Intelligence‘s World Is a Drag.  They’ll be opening for Eddy Current Suppression Ring and the A Frames tonight at the Funhouse.

mp3: Partman Parthorse – Emerald City Dollar Bin (don’t be a dummy, get Emerald City Dummies from GGNZLA)

Consignment are a band that seem to be pals with the Shackles who’s Carlos Lopez (you may have seen his hilarious video for Butt‘s Panty Exchange) shot their video for sleepy sounding Always Tired. The band recently put out a cassette on Hi Shadow and have a 7″ due soon on Vancouver, BC’s Sweet Rot. If you’re like me, high and dry with no cassette player and waiting for the vinyl, here’s the Carlos Lopez directed video for Always Tired to tide you over.  The next Consignment gig is Monday, July 19th at the Comet Tavern.

The Night Beats sound like they should be from Austin instead of Seattle with their Thirteenth Floor Elevators, Black Angels, Woven Bones inspired sound.  No. A quick check and I can confirm they are from the Northwest.  I can also confirm that they have a 7″ due out on Chicago’s Trouble in Mind in July.  A couple of weeks ago Insound made it their mp3 of the week (whatever that means, besides a free song for us), and local blog Seattle Subsonic have been all over them as well.  Night Beats play Black Lodge on Monday, July 5th and will be at this year’s Capitol Hill Block Party.

mp3: Night Beats – H-Bomb (soon to be released on Trouble in Mind)

Picking up where the Turn-ons left off are Hunting Grounds.  They’ve got three songs up currently on Band Camp.  They’re all slow burners that definitely have a highly stylized UK slant to them.  It’s kind of precious stuff with whooshing keyboards evoking barren fields and gray skies.  I’m always pleasantly surprised when a local band goes all anglophile, and Hunting Grounds with these three songs have have me reaching for my  Suede, Sub CircusRoxy Music, and Bowie records.  Hunting Grounds play this coming Thursday, July 1st at the Blue Moon in the University District.

mp3: Hunting Grounds – Life In Ice

Former Catheter and Tall Bird Brian Standeford and his new band Idle Times finally have a full length record coming out after a couple of singles.  The self-titled album is coming out on Chicago’s Hozac later this summer.  You can get a preview over at Hozac’s blog thing.  They’re streaming Hey Little Girl in all of it’s paint peeling stupendous-ness.  Get an even more in your face preview when they open for Ty Segall this Monday, June 28th at the Comet Tavern.

Stream: Idle Times – Hey Little Girl