Lions In My Own Garden: Enter Gurgles


Back in the 70’s and 80’s when you were shopping for new stereo equipment, the go to disc for stereo salesmen was a Steely Dan or Chicago album to show off the hi-fi racks. I haven’t been into a stereo store in years, but I bet a few sales guys still reach for the Dan when showing off their wears. Well all you stereo salesmen I’ve got just the record to help sell loads more equipment in your shop.

Early last year, you might remember Bradford’s best Gurgles releasing their debut 7-inch single. Since the 7-inch single buying public has shrunk more than video rental market you might have let it pass you buy. No matter, Bradford’s best have returned with their debut album that they’ve christened Gurglefirst? It’s a big sounding and playful record that doesn’t sound too big or too playful. In other words, it’s just right. Their keyboard driven songs have elements of gospel, new age jazz and 80’s pop. You might ask how could a band that combines the syncopated jazz of Steely Dan, the gospel spells of Prefab Sprout  and sudden swerves into into psychedelic Hawkwind  territory succeed? I don’t know, but Gurgles do.

Both songs from last year’s single make welcome returns and are just as impressive a second time around. New songs like Eccleshill ring in with a tight chorus while the Fender Rhodes keyboard climbs the spires. Weakdays has a great bluesy riff while How Could I Tell adds some Krautrock elements into the mix while singer Augustine sounds like Paddy McAloon has temporarily taken him over. Ably recorded by MJ of Hookworms, Gurglefirst? is a record that begs to be blasted, but don’t worry if you don’t have one of those expensive hi-fi’s it sounds just as good bleeding into your ears from a pair of cheap ear buds.

Gurglefirs? is available on vinyl, CD and download from Gurgles’ bandcamp.

Gurgles Gospel for Non-Believers


Gurgles are from Leeds. They’ve just released their first single and it’s quite a delight. It’s light and airy and full of life. Think High Llamas, Steely Dan, Jim O’Rourke, Prefab Sprout and Chicago. The keyboards pump sound out like they’re powered by a steam engine while the singing verges on new age gospel. I know. When I first heard it I wasn’t sure, but I found myself hitting play again and again, and the next thing I know I find myself buying the single. Recorded by MJ of Hookworms, so the sound is raw and bleeds a little to make this otherwise slick sounding record oscillate with just enough grime. What an opening salvo for this brand new band!

stream & buy: Gurgles – You Send Me Up / You’re Madder Than Me