Blowin’ Cool

The Chills loved their leather jackets and probably took really good care of theirs. Listening Super Vacations‘ ode to their leather jackets, Faded Leather Jacket, it is more heathen, but no less vital. On LP number three the Super Vacations blow the roof off it. What is “it?” It could be  a car, house, office, lean-to, or bus-stop. It doesn’t matter, you will get the same result.  Roof blown off.  The Richmond, Virginia band work with some pretty basic elements but prove that magic happens. Lots of fuzzy, chiming and angular guitars and always a big chorus.

It’s got a slacker feel of an Archers of Loaf record, sinewy guitars of Edsel, a sandblastedness of Swervedriver and a weirdness of Shudder to Think. Heater is twelve songs that never lets up off the accelerator. It pulls a handful of songs from a few of the band’s previous seven-inch singles, but I for one am glad that they didn’t let those songs languish on format that fewer people pay attention to. As separate singles they were good, but put into an album format along with new songs it is all the more attention grabbing. A cohesive juggernaut, planned or unplanned.

mp3: Super Vacation – Faded Leather Jacket (from Heater Pt. II on Funny/Not Funny Records)