Perspex White Out


After last year’s brash and audacious noise-fest of a record Here Come the Catastrophe Machines, it would take something downright amazing to to top that single. Well, Brighton’s Girl One and the Grease Guns don’t quite top that acme but they come close with their latest slab of in-the-red, treble filled sucre. Bashed Beaten and Broken(Trip the Switch)/Made Out of Perspex features more claustrophobic industrial clamor to raise your blood pressure. They obviously have some Cabaret Voltaire and Ultravox records and the same model drum machine that the Jesus and Mary Chain used on Automatic. Bashed Beaten and Broken is the more mechanically inclined A-side with its frosty vocals and synthesizers while the flip Made out of Perspex has more hemoglobin pumping through its wiring.  The group are on a hot streak right now. Don’t miss it.

stream: Girl One and the Grease Guns – Made out of Perspex

You can order the vinyl from Squirrel Records. The mp3 inclined can head to Amazon.

Whatever Happened To Baby Jane?

Photo from emmlpop’s flickr
Having quietly released three singles last year and inexplicably none of them making my top 40 last year, the Blanche Hudson Weekend have just put it in my face the glaring mistake I made by releasing a CD the compiles all three singles and throws on seven more songs for just the hell of it. Caroline and Darren of the Manhattan Love Suicides make up the core of Blanche Hudson Weekend, and if you were wondering whether or not the duo still have a thing for the Jesus & Mary Chain and 60’s Girl Groups, you need not fret, these songs crackle and buzz from the hi-fi. Not standing still though, the duo have added a bit of nuance to their sound, adding a new vice in Galaxy 500. So instead of constantly beating you over the head with blistering feedback Blanche Hudson Weekend switch it up and tickle you with some moody spacious numbers.

So the previous three singles are here and of the utmost quality, but the new songs are no slouches either.  Usually when a band puts out a compilation of their singles you might get one or two new half-backed songs, but the Blanche Hudson Weekend have been in the kitchen with my Grandfather and everything is well-done. Reverence, Severance and Spite is unabashed quality, or as they use to say all killer no filler.

mp3: The Blanche Hudson Weekend – Union Square Blackout

mp3: The Blanche Hudson Weekend – Let Me Go

Head on over to Squirrel Records to order your copy of Reverence, Severance, and Spite.