Oi! Creakies

When it rains it pours around here. Another one from Seattle for you guys, the Creakies are guitar and drum duo that have been bending my ear with their brand of noisy pop. They’ve played around town infrequently, but hopefully that will change with the released their Redwood EP that came out earlier this month via bandcamp (thanks to fuzzbook for the heads up). It’s four songs that are influenced by punk rock and indie DIY. Lead track Arnold’s Song has a classic fuzzy rif and high pitched melody that is part No Age and part Scrawl. They also do a tender twee version of Cock Sparrer‘s Because You’re Young, totally owning and reinventing the song.  The Creakies play this Sunday at the Mystery Machine (formerly New Crompton) in the U District.

mp3: The Creakies – Arnold’s Song (from Redwood EP)