Under the Paving Stones, the Beach

As they say in La France: Quelle surprise! The two singles currently on the street from The Liminanas were something of a surprise to me for a couple reasons: It’s not often that you hear a band wrapping Stereolab, Ye-Ye, surf, and a bit o’ that wall of sound thing into a soufflé and; You don’t expect to hear a band like that on Trouble In Mind or Hozac. Both labels are Chicago based and known for their grimey punk singles, not the beaches of the Mediterranean. The band call Perpignan, France their home.  Perpignan is a short drive, or bus ride to the beach, which seems to color the bands music.  The b-side to their Trouble in Mind single evokes sunsets, crashing waves and bonfires.  The a-side would more likely be found in a disco than the beach.  The spoken dialog reminds me of listening to how to speak French tapes, only there’s groove a mile wide that will make you want first Dance and then start speaking French. The perfect hot and cold single.

mp3: The Liminanas – Je Ne Suis Pas Trés Droguee (order your copy from Trouble In Mind)

The second Liminanas single out on Hozac is a little more in line with the Garage/Spector sounds of the day, but no less agreeable.  This time singing in English, the band go for the jugular with Baby I’m Dead, and then switch back to 60’s Ye-Ye style for the b-side.  Trouble In Mind are promising to release the band’s first album later this year.  It will be the first 12 inch from the exclusively 7″ singles label to this point.  A Liminanas album could quite possibly be a genius move for both the Liminanas and Trouble In Mind.  In the meantime, get these two singles and count the days until the album appears.

mp3: The Liminanas – I’m Dead (order your copy from HoZac)

Three For Your Monday

singles, singles, singles

Seven inch records always take a lot of hits for being inferior in sound to the almighty 12″, but at my house, on my turntable they rule the roost.  Who’s got time to listen to an entire 12″ these days? For me it’s a hell of a lot more fun to throw on  a new one every three minutes or so, and a few  have been lighting up my turntable this past weekend.

Ganglians – Blood on the Sand on Captured Tracks:  This latest batch of records from Captured Tracks could their best yet with the Christmas Island, German Measles and Spectrals singles all winning time on the old record player, but my favorite of the litter is Ganglians 7 inch. Don’t tell anyone, but one of the guitar riffs on the a-side reminds me of Hershey, Pennsylvania’s Ocean Blue.  Don’t worry the Ganglians haven’t gone all navel-gazing  Brit-pop, but this is the most immediate thing this Sacramento, California have come up with yet.  Guitars seem to swoop in from all directions, the bass rumbles like it was stolen from a goth band, drums crash and it all ends in a cacophonous mess. Wow!

mp3: Ganglians – Blood on the Sand

White Wires – Pretty Girl on Trouble in Mind: The beginning guitar riff sounds kinda like Boat‘s Prince of Tacoma, but Ottawa’s White Wires take the a route similar to one the Fresh & Onlys have been down, but White Wires do it in a more straightforward and immediate way.  Trouble in Mind is a new label out of Chicago which is batting a 1000.  That may be a bit much, but they are three for three with this, the Fresh & Onlys and CoCoComa singles and the future looks pretty bright too with singles on the way from Cave Weddings, Ty Segal and Wheels on Fire.  Yay, new killer label!  Boo, more money out the door.

mp3: White Wires – Pretty Girl

Lofty Heights – Eye Contact on Unit Rad – Is this guy a long lost member of Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci?  No, but Lofty Heights’ Greg Griffin could be Euros Childs‘ American doppelganger.  A Californian living in the UK with a sense of history both pop and otherwise.  The A-side starts with a Beach Boys falsetto  intro and then goes on to discuss the sun setting on the American Empire. Has it really been all down hill for the US since Pet Sounds?  No matter, the downfall of an empire has never sounded so good.

mp3: Lofty Heights – Eye Contact